It's the end of the week to the week-ends!

Oh gracious.

I wish I can tell you how tired I am from work, the level of tiredness is to the extent of being unable to find or fish out energy to shower myself. Yes. I am that exhausted. Haven't really been that exhausted for a very long time though. I am too very worried for my intestines, I think because of how hectic work is, I am getting very dehydrated cause my intestines to fail me. I suffer from constipation badly. Well I have myself to blame, for not paying enough attention. But yea, it's hard. On a side note, I think toothless grannies and poppies are the cutest, especially when they remove their dentures and smile into the mirror. Cute. (:

This Christmas, I want to do something special for children and gramps. If you've read Amy's blog from my link above, you'll know she's a crazy baker (: Love her. And I am hoping to work with her to bake a bunch of cupcakes for elders who just wants to have someone spend christmas with. If you're a Singaporean and you would love to help us out with this little "Give a little more" / "Christmas with you" sort of 'project'(I just came up with that) let us know!! As we all know Singapore's aging population is on the rise, there are many elders who really do need our care and I certainly hope you'll take the first step by wanting to find out more on how you can change someone else's life. So leave a comment and we'll get back to you!!

School. I have officially started studying at Curtin Singapore!! How is it so far? Not too bad, I actually feel like I am made to think more critically and be better at what I am doing. So it's not too bad really. Looking forward to completing my first assignment!! OH!! I am participating in Miss Curtin Singapore, I know right, it's a first for me, I want to break that "public shyness" through this. Don't laugh at me. But if you do think I deserve it! Do give me a "like" on Curtin Singapore's page (Adora Yeo) I am sure you know my name by now. (: So yes! Give it a like here :
Thank you in advance!! ((:

Lastly, I am hoping to achieve a dream I have always wanted. (: So... do keep a look out for that! ((;

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