Save the OCEAN.


The past few weeks have been really crazy. Been around up and down most of the time to boat quay to learn more about investing, it's a good experience really. Caught Happy Ever Laughter(MUST WATCH), Jason Mraz Concert, Spiderman 3, Orientation for University at Curtin University Singapore. It's proven to be taking quite a fair piece of my good health, and I have recently caught the flu bug. What a bug. Doesn't help much especially when Tim sneezes quite a fair bit too. Horrible. *tissues all over the bed ):

Anyway, I would love to share with you a movie called The Cove, it's a documentary on whaling in Japan. It upsets me so bad, because honestly I thought it was finning people were after, and I have stopped eating sharks fin since I was 12. After watching an awful documentary too on how sharks are being killed for their fins. I'd just really LOVE that you take a minute or two to think about what you're really eating. Yes poultry like chicken, pork and beef, that is on a level okay for people like us who are not vegan. But things like fins?! Shark's fin. Why? Did you know that the fin of a shark does not contain much of flavor to your 'shark's fin soup'? In fact it is tasteless. So already being upset about shark fins being finned. I caught this documentary The Cove, and got a shock out of my life, Taijin in Japan kills at least 23,000 Dolphins a year?! Can you imagine that? I honestly can't. It's almost like wiping out a part of the ocean's most lovable beings ever. For what? For our entertainment? Is that fair to them? And for Japan to think that Dolphins are pest to the ocean, are they out of their mind? Have they no feelings? If I was as rich or as powerful as god, I would shut them all down. Seriously. Why don't they feel a single bit when they kill? Why do they confine and massacre them like these dolphins do not have feelings? Same goes to all animals there, it's hard to change and become a vegan. But really, the thing that keeps them going can only be because there are people out there who are still wanting more.

Do you know that if this continues, our ocean population will be wiped out? Because of us? Because we chose to just sit here, and watch. And do nothing about it. It should never be about politics or economics when it comes to this. Why should it be? Be different. Don't be a follower, be a leader. Lead your soul, lead others to right way. Stop eating sharks fin, stop captivating dolphins, Stop eating dolphin meat. The list goes on, but all we need is awareness. Once we are AWARE, we will avoid. Yes you will be tempted. But if you decide to make that difference, people will notice you, unlike trying to be the same and finish that bowl of fins when you know it is not good at all for you. God made the ocean a beautiful place for them, just like how he made land so beautiful and almost perfect for us. We are destroying this gift he has bestowed on us. I hope this will influence you in spreading the message to each and everyone of your neighbor, friends, family. Educate them. Impress them that you care for the world. That you care for the beings underwater. (: Make a difference, and you'll be different.

Take some time to know and learn more about what is really happening in the ocean world:

I love the ocean, and I certainly hope to see change in the future. We can make a difference. You can.

You can choose to share this around, or spread the websites all over. Make this viral. Make this known to everyone.

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  1. The Cove greatly disturbed me, too and for a while I was working on a cause to raise awareness but I realised that there were other fully-established organisations working on the same thing so I stopped whatever I was doing and started on a different cause for stray dogs instead.
    I support the following cause: Save the World's Saddest Dolphins ( and I think you might be interested to support it, too.

    I do think, actually, that humans can eat whatever they want to for SURVIVAL but the end does not justify the mean- so that just because an animal is going to end up on your dinner plate it does NOT give you the right to abuse the animal before it dies, and that not a single bit of the animal should go to waste if it was killed for food. I avoid eating meat as much as I can, anyway.

  2. Hi Lixin, I am greatly comforted that you do put in effort to create awareness. I think that is the most important on top of joining support groups like let the dolphins go, which i have just supported thanks to your information given.

    I couldn't agree more that yes we can eat whatever we want, but animals, sea animals which we all know are bound for extinction and are endangered should be left alone. I am absolutely a stray dog/cats activists as well. I believe in the basic need to love and care for animals and human. This amount of love I have for them, I do wish to influence my readers. I am really glad I have you as one who supports this campaign so much. (:

    Carry on spreading good, and pure love for people and animals. (: