Tampines Round Market Fooodddielicious!

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I am sure most of you enjoyed today's weather in Singapore. Breezy, chilly, rainy. Well, I can't say for the rain, but days like these my tummy just urge to have a good hawker meal! We recently visited Tampines 1 and Mall, and realized that Tampines is really quite amazing!! Like a new found Orchard area! So with due respect to our new found love in Tampines, we decided to hunt for lunch, since we both woke up so late to the perfect weather. I suggested Tampines Round Market, not knowing what they have in place for us. Tim was kind enough to do some 'research' on what's good to have, and we decided on two! Yummy Sarawak Kolo Mee and Carrot Cake! Plus we had Tao Suan to go, and packed a few more for FAMILIA! (:

This is the very famous store, the queue is seriously CONSTANT. A bowl of noodle would range from 3.5-7bucks. I really would love to order the 7 bucks bowl of noodle with my Familia next time and see what's in for us! (: I ordered the Chicken Feet Noodle, and Tim had the Sarawak Kolo Mee. 

I wish I had a better camera to snap it down, but I only had my iPhone. The noodle for this is different and what I really love about this noodle is for SGD3.50 You're getting so much on a bowl!!! Won't you just look at the portion? I love the braised pork meat best! SUPER soft and it just melts in your mouth, no kidding, you should try.

Licks : 4/5 
Don't miss it!

Chicken Feet Noodle! If you're like me, you like more gravy, you should order this! I really like that the sauce is so good, it is so drinkable. Yes it is not salty to slurp that bowl of yummylicious sauce! For SGD3 you're getting more than what you'll get at KOPITIAM!! I mean, seriously. This is the noodle to order. I really love the mushroom a lot, and would order the mushroom noodle the next time, cause really the mushroom just soaks up all the goodness from the sauce!! YUMMEH.

Licks : 4.5/5

Tim and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carrot cake so much we thought we should order one to try! FOR SGD2 BUCKS!! You get a pretty nice sized portion of carrot cake. Well, I have to say it didn't really meet like my expectation, I think the ones at Ghim Moh Market and KPT24hr Opposite Punggol Park (Hougang) is wayyyyy better than what we had. 

Licks : 3/5

Tampines Round Market : Blk 137 Tampines Street 11

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