Updated Skincare Routine : Review La Roche Posay and Vichy


Okay so by now most of you would have known that I have a huge HUGE issue with my skin. I hate jinx-ing my 'good' luck/choices with my facial products. But there's these few which I have recently just bought, and I am like really SUPER 100% more than ever satisfied!!

So this is it. I bought a couple initially. Mainly the Milk cleansing makeup remover (2) as I am almost out with my crabtree evelyn rose essence makeup remover, at the very buy I bought another corrective and unclogging imperfection care (6), and the last was the breakout remover (7). I really did like all of the products, though it wasn't a lot to compare and test with. AND I don't know why my pimples just won't stop popping out. I blame it on the weather. BUT!! NOW. I just blame it on me that I am not using products suitable for my skin type! Okay I shall cut the grandmother's story and proceed on with the products!!


(1) Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub : This goddess is mad good. Like I love that the beads are really ULTRA fine. And after scrubbing gently into your skin, the after-feel is just smooth like a baby's face. No kidding, this is a must buy! Like I will totally rate it at 4.9/5

(2) Dermo Cleanser : Well I must say I still prefer my crabtree evelyn, I feel like Crabtree's rose essence does a cleaner job with makeup removal. No doubt this does the job too, but it like a milky texture which leaves me wondering if my face is really clean or not. So for this I'll rate it at 4/5

(3) Deep Cleansing Brightening Foaming Cream : MUST BUY. WHY?! Because your skin will be squeaky clean after!! Like with just a tiny like (___) with just that amount, it'll literally FOAM up. You should try to believe. This is amazing!! It's a little more costly though, but I think it'll last as long as my clinique facial wash. So this is definitely worth swapping. Rate it at 5/5

(4) Triple Action Intense whitening essence : I got a sample of this cause it didn't come cheap although there's like 25% at SGH Pharmacy. But I was considering really hard, looking at the number of products I bought. So I tried it and I REALLY REALLY love the serum!!! I'll finish up my lancome visionnaire and hope that they'll still have that awesome 25% off! Rate it at 3.5/5 for a sample product!

(5) VICHY Tri Activ anti-imperfection hydrating care : Girls. Boys. Women. Men. This product is really like damn awesome. Very good for hydration, it's meant for day. But I use it for both day and night!! It is like ZOMGWTHISHOULDHAVEKNOWN  kind of good. Very very VERY hydrating, good for our weather especially. The effect after you leave it over the night is like BOOMZ. Better than using a facial mask!! You should try it lovelies!

(6) Corrective and Unclogging anti-imperfection care : I found this product quite good. I did see like my pores reduce in size. And my skin really does look a whole load better. Not too sure if this product did the job. But it really helps with doubling up the hydration! Rate it at 3.5/5

(7) Targeted Breakout Corrector : Well straight up I will have to say it doesn't have that tingling feeling clinique blemish gel has. And I do feel Clinique does a better job with such pimple gel/cream. So I would not have bought it if it wasn't on discount. (: Rated at 3/5

(8) Clinique Pore Refining Solutions : BUY IT NOW. It is AMAZING. SO AMAZING IT'LL BLOW YOU OFF YOUR CHAIRS. Really. The matte finish is just what you will need after like topping your skin with all the products as stated above. It is the best BEST product you can and will ever find. And I will buy a rack down if they decide to discontinue it. YES it is that good. Use it for at least 3 weeks to see the difference. Rate 10/10 BEST PRODUCT EVER.

(9) SPF 50+ EXTREME FLUID : This is the first time I'm like using SPF. I bought it only because I started using this home-made mask, and was advised to use SPF on top of that. So I got this on a friend's recommendation, and really did love it so much cause it isn't oily, stick or cream. It is as said fluid form and is really light! Thing is you have to be very diligent if you're gonna be outdoors very often. As it only last for like 50minutes. Which is a fairly good amount of time to get you from one place to another and after touch up with a little more SPF solution. (: Look after your skin please. UV rays quickens wrinkles formation and creates pigmentations to your skin. So look after them, and use them all year round. Rate 4/5

One last thing! I do suggest if you live near a hospital or can drop by, to get your facial products from there like the ones I bought as they are much cheaper and they do have discounts at times. SO it'll save you a lot of money! (: I'm not too sure about other hospitals but I do know that SGH has like 25% off on La Roche - Posay products!

SO this is it guys! (: My current very much loved skin products, that doesn't cause skin peeling, hydrates my skin max, and helps with my skin condition!! (((: I CAN LOOK FORWARD TO BETTER SKIN NOW!!


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  1. hey can u advise on this regime that u have followed? was it good?!