Photo shoot with Corrinne May & Family! xox.


Best NEWS EVER!!! I am hired by Multifolds to be their Media Executive!! And GOSH. It's the best gift ever. ((: Major happy. SO GUYS! Support my works, well upcoming ones! I am so blessed by god to be given such an opportunity to shine in all aspect. As a nurse, as a creative personnel, and just to help and be along side to shine with Multifolds Photography!! SCREAMSSS (:

Well, yesterday Thursday 26th July 2012. The day I skipped lecture for Corrinne May's shoot :/ BUT IT WAS SOO WORTHY!! I was there to assist and setup the area for Multifolds amazing photographers, Melvin, Adrian and Jaratt!! ((: Them boys are sooo amazing. Like really, top notch photography skills, definitely won't disappoint you. I have been busy lately prepping props and all, juggling with school and work. If I actually survive this, I will proclaim myself as the master of inner peace.

So the photoshoot yesterday turned out really good, other than the weather being unbearably HOT. I am so in love with Corrinne's Family. Okay, but really. I love how free-spirited Claire is, she's one adventurer and it's just beautiful how their family is. Lovely lovely lovely. (: I only have a couple of photos to share, cause YOU my dear readers should be following US on Facebook!! ((: And trust me, if you haven't listened to Corrinne's MUSIC, it is really therapeutic, like HONESTLY, when i'm in need of inspiration, I turn to her music and Jason Mraz's. I'll leave a link down below, hit on it and you'll know what I mean. (:

Created by Adora Yeo
 Created by Adora Yeo

 Little Claire and I <3

 Multifolds Photography | Melvin Lau
 Multifolds Photography | Jaratt Ong
Multifolds Photography | Adrian Seetho

Crafted with love, Captured with joy.
 Momento of love, happiness, and simple pleasures in life, all by your's truly, Multifolds Photography. 

Furnitures by: The helping hands Singapore. Do support them, they have amazing furnitures for sale!


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