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I am finally finally done with my presentations and assignments. Take that. It's almost impossible to deal with this crazy schedule. A part of me just wished I didn't take up part-time study while working, cause I have soooo many sooo many exciting juicy stuff ahead of me, that makes me rethink my capabilities to do more in this world. It's a good thing though. Nothing of the negative sort. (:

My Fiance has also taken new steps of blogging, mainly focusing on feeding you information on the places we LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat. That's his field of exposure to good food, mediocre food, and of course bad tasting food which we have tried and you should AVOID. (:

Life is crazy, I will be launching my new line of apparels and wear Stitched by Adora this December and I honestly can't wait for it! (; I hope it'll be earlier but I don't just want to rush it and get it out. What you'll be getting are clothes I have designed on my own, and have someone manufacture them out for me. Until I have mastered learning how to use the Sewing Machine, I will then make exclusive pieces. What you'll be seeing in the future would be the make of wedding gowns, evening dresses, and hopefully venturing into other section. My brain just won't allow me to rest, I just woke this evening to the BEST afternoon nap ever.

Stay positive and keep striving for what you truly want for YOURSELF, don't let go of opportunities and always stay inspired.

Multifolds will be having the greatest surprise coming up soon, and trust me, You're goonnnnnaaa LOVE it. (: So stay tuned and keep updating to my blog!


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