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I am such a loser with following up with blogging.


Blame it on the assignments and YOUTUBE. Gosh I swear youtube leeches on me like crazy!!! I need rehab. Anyway! Many of you have asked about the Zeltiq Fat Freezing treatment, and my dearest Fiance has very kindly agreed to do up a post on his thoughts about Zeltiq fat freezing treatment.

I have just one more assignment to submit and I am so done with it! Gosh, never take Full-time studies for granted alright!? Part-time studying while working is a great killer. So study hard to all you out there. And once again, thank you guys for continuously coming back to read, and I promise and try to post at least one post a week, despite my cray cray schedule.

Tim and I madly just created this vlog channel on youtube RIPYOURABS, obviously to keep you guys informed of how we lose weight and the crazy things we do. Just a regular vlog I must say. But in any case, check it out!

My MacBook Pro is down down down, it's like totally screwed and now I have to get a new one, sent the old for repair, and it is such a killlllerrrr to my pockets!! UGH. Hate it, especially when it crashes during the week of assignment submission. SUCKS.

MORE MORE MORE stuffs I wish I can share with you guys, slowly. Bugis has SOOOO many interesting things these days, like the Japanese fashion craze at Iluma aka Bugis +. WTF i don't know why they have to change it to Bugis +? Feng shui? I thought Iluma sounded quite catchy to the funky building. But guess not, it has to Bugis +. Period. But whatever it is, it has soooo many awesome fashion craze! I would love to share my byu with you guys next month! Totally broke. Only bought like shorts @ 16.90 from Uniqlo, and discounted dress from this Japanese store! Damn awesommmeee. (((:

I hope and wish you well, and come back for more, I promise to be more diligent! OH FYI, I really love the cat-eye wear from Miss Sixty I got from Orchard Optics!! I realise how much it has shaped my face!! TOTALLY LOVING IT!! ((:

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