UPDATED & EDITTED: FATFREEZE M+ powered by Coolsonix / My fat-freezing experience by Timothy!

Hey there readers of DBP! Timothy here. As requested by Adora, I would be sharing with you what I went through and answering THE question in everybody's mind, "Did it actually work?"

Firstly, I have to tell you the reason why I did it. I had stubborn fats around my waist. Muffin tops, anyone?

So not too long ago, I chanced upon a deal at deal.com.sg (don't we all?) and it was offering a deal with Onlyaesthetics at $388 for 1 session of fat freezing.

Before this, I was already researching on fat freezing (or in a more sophisticated way, CoolSculpting or if you prefer impressing your peers, it is also scientifically known as "Cryolipolysis'). To put it simply. it is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that literally freezes the fat in the targeted area, causing the fatty tissues to die and 'dissolve'. After reading, I was like, "COOL! CHEAPER OPTION TO LIPOSUCTION!" It definitely beats paying close to $10,000 to remove fats. It would be good, but unfortunately, majority of us do not have the luxury of a giant wallet. 

SO! I bought this deal for $388 and went down to Onlyaesthetics at Holland V. When I registered for my first session, the lady asked me if i wanted to sign up for 5 more sessions at the price of $388 per session. Why 5 more you say? What the lady told me was if i wanted to remove the muffin top, I had to essentially treat a total of 6 areas. Let me give you an illustration.

Thank you Google and Paint for giving me this opportunity to create this piece of art.
The process is 'pretty' painless. 

  1. Lady places a mask-like piece of cloth soaked with some kind of solution that prevents your flesh from freezing. Seriously. (piece of advice: this solution stained the tee-shirt that I was wearing and now my shirt has a permanent water mark. So do lift and keep your shirt up at all times during the process.)
  2. Lady comes in with a mean-looking machine that honestly look like a glorified vacuum (just kidding!).
  3. Lady sets the machine and places what looks like the mouth of the 'vacuum' and presses 'Start' (I believe you have seen the video that was posted a while back by Adora?)
  4. The only thing you will feel is the machine freezing your tummy at -4°C (cold) and your tummy being sucked up and down by the machine. Oh, and it takes 1 hours to be done.
  5. At the end, the targeted area will feel numb and pretty sore if you are doing it the first time.
  6. The redness will stay for a couple of hours and there might even be bruising, so when ANYBODY requests to feel/touch/play with it, do remember to ask them how they would like to compensate for the pain they are going to cause. If the compensation is worth it, poke away.
To me, I think fat freezing is pretty awesome. It really did help with losing some of my fats and weight. But just like liposuction, as good as it sounds, you will still HAVE TO EXERCISE REGULARLY AND EAT HEALTHY. Fat freezing freezes the fat so it allows you to work it off much easier, but what is the point of going for 389 sessions of fat freezing and you eat junk, sleep late and don't exercise? Fat freezing can really make your mission of losing fats easier, but how far and how much do you want to lose is up to you and how hard you work.

  • Go to discount sites like deal.com.sg to look for offers by Onlyaesthetics. 
  • Think hard and don't make rushed decisions. $388 per session still does not qualify for impulse buying.
  • Be clear of the reason why you are doing this. Keeps the pain of the costs at bay.
  • Remember to watch out for your top/shirt/tee-shirt. Don't let it touch the anti-freeze cloth.
  • Exercise regularly to prevent your muffin top from returning. Would be a waste of money if it did right?
All the best if you have decided to carry on with freezing your fats!


After double-checking, I have confirmed that the fat-freezing technology is provided by FATFREEZE M+ powered by Coolsonix, not CoolSculpting by Zeltique. I apologize for any confusion caused! Do forgive me. 

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  1. Hi, Timothy. Thanks for your update. Just curious- did you sign up for the extra 5 sessions? Or just that 1 session is enough to see the effect? I have bought the deal voucher and will be going end of sept:)

  2. Hey there Mag! Sorry for the slow reply! (: well, honestly, it took me all 6 sessions (plus regular strength training) to see optimum results. No such thing as a short cut right? hahaha! But if you are not really a gym-ing or intensive workout kind of person, the simplest way to see the effects would be to control and monitor your food intake. Limit your calories per day and stay away from processed foods. It would be a waste of your sessions!

    However, please be mindful that controlling your diet DO NOT mean not eating. Eating a bunch of fruits will fill you up much faster than a Snicker bar wouldn't it?

    Point is, yes, i did take a slight risk (and pinch) and signed up for 5 extra sessions. And no, it took me all 6 to see an effect. Enjoy your session! (:

  3. Hi Timothy. Thanks for your reply. Will take note of all your tips. I hope I can tahan the pain:(
    Mine is not so much of a weight problem..just that the tummy is big. Sorry to bother you, but did your tummy become flatter after the treatment? Thanks again!

  4. Don't worry about it! It won't hurt! It will just feel... weird. HAHA! And a bit of numbness. But all that is normal.

    Did my tummy become flatter after the treatment? Hmmm.. at that time, I was on a more stringent exercise regime. So yes, my tummy did become flatter and I did lose weight. These treatment did aid me in losing my PBF (Percentage Body Fat).

    P.S. I understand the tummy problem! Too well!

  5. Hi Mag
    Groupon also has the same deal for $128 but at Sure Solution.

    Hi Timothy
    When you take 6 sessions, was it in the same area for 6 sessions or 1 session for 1 different areas? How many visits to complete 6 sessions?

    Thank you. Jeanie

  6. Hey there Jeanie!

    For me, it was 1 sessions for one area. This is so that your entire 'muffin top' will be reduced at the same time. You won't want one side to be larger than the other!

    Also, I gave myself 2 weeks between each session. This is so as to give my body time to recover and 'get used' to the effects. If you are doing different areas like me, it really wouldn't matter actually, but I wouldn't give my body more sores and numbness before the previous one recovers.

  7. Is this really zeltiq coolsculpting? or some other korean / china machine? i don't see onlyaesthetics as an authorized CoolSculpting Certified Practice on their website? Just want to make sure I get the real deal.

  8. Hi Timothy,

    I went to Only Aesthetics and tried out for my arms, it has been three weeks, but no effect yet, or at least, not obvious... Would like to check with you how long did it take for the results to show? Thanks so much! :)

  9. Hi there! Well, it took me approximately 1 month? With regular exercise of course!

  10. thanks for posting..

  11. Hi Timothy
    I finally went for my fat freeze treatment today. Well, the pain is ok - just like somebody pinching me:)
    The hard work will begin now...exercise and my food intake (the toughest!)
    Thanks for all your tips- my session went smoothly.

    Hi Jeanie
    I didn't buy the groupon at sure solution as I've already bought at deal.com. Thanks.


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  13. Hello, just read your post cos I was researching on fat freeze too. Did you have to pay extra $$ per session for the additional 5 sessions than the deal you got? (ie. more than $388/session). Thanks!

  14. @Mag: Hey Mag! I am glad I could help you in taking your first step. :D Good luck!

    @freezefataway: Happy to help! (:

    @wingéd densetsu: Nope! The kind lady (I can't remember her name! Dang!) said if you bought a voucher @ SGD$388, the other 5 session will be @ SGD$388 as well. So! If you bought the voucher at SGD$388 and you want to sign up for 5 more, It will be a total of SGD$388 x 6 = SGD$2328 nett. I hope I did not confuse you. HAHA!

    P.S I apologise for the slow response. Was busy! Also, thanks to Kelvin, I double-checked and realised that it is NOT Coolsculpting by Zeltique but FATFREEZE M+, powered by Coolsonix instead. HOWEVER! The effects are exactly the same at a much more affordable price! :D

  15. Hi Tim,
    Can i ask if you experience any side effects from the procedure? Once the fat is frozen, does it look like a chunk of dead meat on your body? Is there a chance that the chunk of frozen fat doesn't disappear and stays there?

  16. Had it done on the flanks last Saturday, 388 each side (was advertised for 188 but when I arrived they said that thge small applicator was only for arms, contrary to the groupon ad), though it didn't cover the whole love handle because its not curved. So went for the front part. 37 inches before the treatmeant including the love handles, 37.3 after, probably due to inflammation.
    One week later, just measured, still 37.3.
    Will report again later.

  17. Two weeks after the flanks were treated just took a measurement of the waste including flanks and its still 37.3inches and no visual difference. I'm working out in the gym 3 times a week still and not overeating.
    hopefully next week I'll see some improvement.

  18. i tried a session before but didnt see any result. one session is definitely not enough but im not sure if a few sessions will definitely have results. prob is we are not sure whether our fats really gt crystallized and did 'they' really get removed from our bowels?

    unfortunately, i think diet and exercise is faster but i do hope the technology will improve and gives more effective and proven results.

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