Fifty Shades of Grey?

I feel shades darker, but I can't help but to carry on.

I have secretly completed 2 of the books, Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker. Gosh, this ought to stop. I have to study. Does this affect you? Like when you start with one book, especially it's like a Trilogy like the Fifty Shades? I have to say I really do enjoy reading the eroticism, the author really did use a lot of new Erotic Vocabulary. Loved it. Super Duper LOVE it. I contemplated for like a couple of months or more in fact, if I should join the saga of deep erotic. I am so glad I did! Trust me it's really good, and don't be so skeptical about reading it. You'll be surprise how engrossed you'll be. Just saying.

Anyhoo, I got my books from SKOOB! I know I am pretty slow to be using it, I can't help it I loved the smell of books, but Tim insisted sort of that we have the iPad and it's easier on my eyes. It's true though, I love the setting of night mode on SKOOB! LOVE LVOE LOVE. Rate it a 10/10 for bookworms like me (: Give it a shot! I actually do encourage men to read it as well, it may just help you in bed. Just saying. It may be dark, but you know give it a little tweak, your sex life might just get better? Who knows. Flirting doesn't stop after your clinch your girl and make her your fiancee and eventually wife, take it all the way. You never know what you're capable of. (;

I have SADLY BEEN STRUCK BY THE MOST DEVASTATING NEWS. I have GAINED WEIGHT. I felt so disgusted, I went to the clinic to ask for Duromine I read so much about it. But the doctor said I'm at a healthy weight, WHY!? Okay, I understand why. I'm relieved somehow. Bless my soul, I can embrace exercise and my bootiful curves. I try, I try very hard.  I'm back to my routines. ):


So with this, I wish you Fifty Shades darker with your loved one. xx

Just a minute,

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