It's almost christmas!

Christmas is nearing, I'm super hoping for my plans for a nice christmas get-together with my family will be in my favour!!

Not looking forward to 2013, cause there's just too many things to work on:
- Renovators/Interior designers
- Completion of my degree
- My new line
- Multifolds (HUAT AH!) hahaha
- More opportunities to just gain various new knowledge, mainly exploring beyond my career.

I recently bought myself a new MacBook Air, because the Pro is letting me down with its continuos failing. ): Bummer. But I am glad it has failed me, because the Air is so much better, to me, mainly because it is SOOOOO lightweight, and I mostly operate my machine for emails, reading, and business stuff. Nothing too heavy on the operations! Tim on the other hand has a pretty sweet deal for his new laptop, MSI. ????? I am clueless, but to the guys out there, I am pretty sure you know a ltitle of the MSI brand, apparently it is a hit in America. Not too sure though. Maybe Tim will do a short review on the laptop? Not too sure, he's been really busy as well.

I swear this weekend trip to RWS at Hotel Michael would serve us so much, for a good relaxed trip. Juggling work, studies, work and just more work, tires me out super fast! It is cray cray. But it's good cray cray, I just want to go all out for my LINE, and maybe someday it'll be like love bonito. We never know. I just need more hours to a day, grant me and I'll be more than just thankful.

I'm hoping to travel a little more next year, this year I only managed to get my lazy bum to Shanghai, and it's pathetic. ): I am deprived, majorly deprived.

My brain is quite the nutshell now, catch you guys in a bit.

Just a minute,

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