Taipei Part 3 I know right...

it took soooo long to get my carpel tunnels working.

Ah CHUNG MIAN SIAN is the freagging bomb. Even the writing this post for you triggers all my glands. Hmmmm, yummy. I love the chilli sauce! It never begs down, and the other sauce, GOSH! It's heavenly, if you leave Taipei without a bowl of AH Chung Mian Sian, You're MISSING OUT. Totally missing out. This bowl contains LOADS AND LOADS of GOOD STUFF!! Pig intestines mainly, but loads of them, BEST THING. IT'S DARN CHEAP!!! (: Well compared to the portions offered here in Singapore, everyone in my family ordered the biggest bowl and wiped it up CLEAN!! We had this for 2 consecutive days, need I say more?

Ah Chung, Ah Chung, You've totally made me hate myself for not flying back for more. See you in December. (:
So this is how it looks!! It's located at XiMenDing, walk around and search it, let your grumpy ol' stomach take you there. So you can heartily enjoy a good hot bowl of MIAN SIAN! YOU MUST OKAY? (:

The Hungry Regular finds seating too mainstream. Air Steward style, stand while eating. 

 So as we walked we came across this stall that sells Scallion Pancakes! This is one snack I knew I had to have, despite it being quite oily. You just have to, don't hold back when you're in Taipei. #justwhackonly like how my Poly mates would have put it. This really is very very good!
Starbucks sure came in handy for my parents.

 Next up after Ah Chung Mian Sian, we dropped by Modern Toilet! I told you, we NEVER hold back when we're in Taipei.

Dad does the darnest thing. (; But I love him MOST. ((((:

Food there really wasn't that good, kind of regretted ordering ALOT. Average or below Average for Taipei's standard. :/ The only thing I love is their Decor, otherwise it is pretty hard to find this place as well. You can probably skip this if you just want to shoot cute pictures like I did for my dad. :/

Taipei's culture is rich, very rich. Loads of Temples and very devoted Buddhist. I am ashamed. I had to take my parents to LongShan Temple, I love the architecture of Temples. Something about it I find so serene, and at peace. I really feel for the picture above, the guy in the wheelchair really was just praying. So then I ask, why are we not? 

I was welcomed by raging Fire from this urn. I sure was shocked.

Hundreds and thousands of devoted devotees in god's temple. (:

Afterwhich we took a REALLY REALLY Long train ride to Fisherman's Wharf. It drizzled a little, but that's never a problem to us, we love walking in the rain.

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Sunset in Taipei is Gorgeous. If only time stood still and kept us there, if only.

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