Probably the best decision made, despite the CRAZY MAD TRAFFIC. 


Drove over to Victor's Kitchen for some dim sum, cause Tim mentioned about the crowd and the very famous LIU SHA BAO (Custard egg yolk bun) Swear it's the best invention ever, yes it is a invention. HAHA. I don't care. It's damn freaking awesome. Just wait for it. And read on. :D

We ordered quite a bit for two, we would have ordered more but we're on a diet control so we couldn't force feed ourselves further. But the first thing I circled and ordered was this freaking famous, and mind you it's freaking mind-blowing carrot cake!!! YOU HAVE TO ORDER THIS. I swear on this, it'll be the best decision you ever make. The texture is lovely, it melts in your mouth like cotton candy. It's soooo soft you won't even realise, and when you think it's gone, bits of radish and chinese sausage just forces you to chew on them, YUMMY. It also comes with a XO sauce, DIP IT. It takes it to a whole new level, the aroma of the XO together with the softness of the cake. YUMS. SOLD, MY SOUL IS SOLD AND I WILL NEVER EAT ANOTHER STEAMED CARROT CAKE AGAIN. 

I was freezing because of the aircon and the really cold and wet weather we have been having lately, so I decided on NEMO PORRIDGE! Yes you saw it right, Nemo porridge! It's basically fish sliced porridge with a generous amount of 'PI DAN' (century egg). For a first, the porridge didn't have much flavor to it which explains the soy sauce and pepper nearby, I guess I have a salty bud towards porridge. Wouldn't you agree with me? 
Quite pleased with this porridge as it really did fill me up for 4SGD

Tim on the other hand always order the weirdest named dish, this porridge is called WALA WALA Porridge, I mean fair enough we do quite like WALA WALA at Holland Village. And yes we were trying to imagine something quite like it. It turned out to be fish maw with fish cake porridge. That's the best I can describe. Well I have to admit, I am not quite a fan of their porridge as I'd rather spend that 4SGD buying myself another share of carrot or maybe the chee cheong fun. I would have skipped ordering porridge if my stomach wasn't screaming HUNGRY. 
Priced at 4SGD, I guess I am more used to my mum's rich tasting porridge.

CHICKEN'S FEET! Does it scare you? Once it did to me, when I was little. But because my dad's such a fantastic cook, he made this really awesome mala sauce thing chicken feet and took the texture and flavor to a whole new level. What I like about this as compared to the others from your usual Yum Cha Restaurant, is you can really taste the effort the chef puts in coming up with his unique flavour, similar but different. And I do like that he used chilli padi, instead of those "Fake Chilli" (You know those big chilli without the spicy kick) Yes I call them Fake Chilli. 
These little chicken feet ranks at 3SGD

I LOVE CUSTARD BUN TO THE MAX. You can't even fight my love for custard bun, this has to be my top favorite together with Tung Lok's, Taste Paradise and Canton Paradise. It is DELISH! SO SUPER DELISH. Now read this and close your eyes for a minute, and imagine. The inside of the bun is filled with lava custard, so rich and yellow. You give a lick, the mixture of salty and sweet blends so well, there goes a bite. The yolk dribbles down your pinky, and you lick it up like a 3 year old would. And you just wouldn't care less about how others would think of you, cause it's blowing your mind. Fast and quick, mouth after mouth, you savour the last bit, have a good look and smile. BEST LAVA CUSTARD BUN EVER. FREAKING AWESOME. Now how do we share the last bun?
For this mindblowing buns, 4SGD is all you need for the delish experience!

iPhone takes pretty decent pictures, pity I'm not equipped with proper cameras. 

This is by far one of the best glutinous rice in lotus leaf I have ever had! It's so darn flavourful! Even though the ingredients in it wasn't explosive, but the flavour was in total control. YOU JUST HAVE TO ORDER THIS. The rice was sooo soft and well steamed, perfect heat control. You just know it. Usually I will dip mine with chilli sauce, but with this, it just doesn't seem like I have done justice to the glutinous rice if I actually did. It's way too good on its own. I leave it to you to decide. 
For a small portion with pretty good flavours, I'm not sure if 5SGD would be too much but to me, it is a dish you must try. 

We ordered H.K. Summer Ice Tea, which was pretty decent. Very strong tea brew though. I guess the separation of ice from the drink itself, really did sustain the flavours. I really like this drink very much! 3SGD for Summer Milk Tea! (:

Victor's Kitchen can be found at Level 1 Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
#01-21 Sunshine Plaza
AVOID LUNCH HOURS, Weekends can be crowded. 

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