Make your own: Garlic Bread

So it's my last graveyard shift tonight and just after I woke up, Tim decided that we should have garlic bread for tea, my breath is gonna be EPIC. Right. But that's fine, I could deal and kill some vampires! I hope you're excited about the upcoming Twilight Saga! (: I am. I'm with team Edward! I now feel he is pretty much like Christian Grey(Fifty Shades), cold, charming, and hot. Really hot. Oh the irony. Oh wells!

Here is my rendition on how to make your own GARLIC BREAD! I would do another on bruschettas and Tacos in the future! But here's an easy one that you can make at any time of the day!

- Baguette
- Garlic
- Olive butter
- Cheddar Cheese

That's it! All the ingredients you need

Well making the Garlic bread certainly is very very easy, and you can use almost any bread but I highly recommend HIGHly HIGHLY recommend this AWESOME bakery at Sunset Way (Singapore, for my readers abroad) called Drips! It makes the best BEST BEST BEST! Bread ever, I especially love their Sourdough bread, and they bake FRESH really Fresh bread.

  1. So here's how you make a-minutewithadora Garlic Bread
  2. Cut up half a clove of garlic, slice them into half. Using the inner of the Garlic, glide them and spread them on your bread, you'll smell the fragrance of the garlic on your bread! 
  3. Warm up your bread in the toaster for about 2 minutes
  4. Prepare your SPREAD! Scoop up 2 tablespoon of Olive butter into a bowl, finely chop the garlic and cheddar cheese. 
  5. Place the Garlic and cheddar into the bowl of butter. MIX WELL.
  6. Remove the bread from the toaster
  8. Toast it for another 3minutes till your cheese melts.
  9. Serve and eat! I sprinkled few bits of basil leaves on mine! Didn't make too much of difference with the taste, maybe I will add more in the future. 

I hope this really is easy enough to get you going in your kitchen!! I'm sure you can come up with better! But I thought it'll be helpful for my young readers! Be a goddess in the kitchen, and have fun!

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