I'm leaving on a Jetplane in 3 weeks time!

"In your arms, I belong" -Adora Yeo (Credits to Multifolds)

So here is my current confirmed travel plans! (: Super excites I get to leave Singapore again!! 

First up it's Phuket! Can't wait to bring you the beauty and clear sandy beaches in Phuket. How lovely, island hopping and Thai food is just amazing!! I plan on taking up cooking classes! I hope you don't think that's weird. I always find it a must to take up or learn something new during a trip. Just like m trip over to Taipei, I learnt how to make Lu Rou Fan, which turned out really DELISH! Maybe I'll make a post of it again, but it's quite the chore though, a lot of hard work placed in. 

Next up! It's next February!! I'm visiting my second home Taipei!! Well I wish my second home would be somewhere in the states or aussie. But for now, I just can't get enough of Taipei. The food, the people, the joyous mood you get. Fantastic. I'll bring you updated eateries and all that Travel must-dos and all! Should be able to do more this time round! MORE SHOPPING! I am determine to hunt down and bargain like a thick-skinned boss for clothes and accessories! HAHAHA. Just kidding, i'm not that thick-skinned. But I am determined to go around Wu Fen Pu and Raohe night market to dig out goodies!! (: I really do love Taiwan a lot!! To all my Taiwanese readers, I can't wait to feel home again in your country!! It's lovelyyyyy. (: Let me know if there are any new or interesting places I should visit!!

If made possible! Hong Kong might just be in my list in January!! OMG. Lei Hai Bin Dou?! I don't know about Hong Kong, but the last I visit wasn't too that amazing. BUT after playing Sleeping Dogs, yes I do gaming a little, not that much. I decided maybe I should really try it again, maybe this time with someone who can speak canto and won't get us glared at. I know how much they hate people who speak chinese, but my broken mandarin is the closest I can get to get them to understand me. WHY YOU NO GIVE US CHANCE?! HAHA. Oh wells! That said, I get to visit disneyland again! Well, not as fantastic as Japan's but it's the cheaper alternative, right? (: Send me to Japan someone! 

So I hope your week has been good, I just got my FLU Vaccination, which is hurting like a bitch now. Sorry for the language, but I slept through 1 hour of lecture because it was hurting so bad and my temperature was just rising up. And partly also because I was really exhausted and the lecture was you know borrringg. Oh brother. Anyhoo, have a good rest.

If you're in love with the whole Korea Korean drama thing, do check out Multifolds because we have stepped into the beautiful autumn season and we're bringing you some awesome LOOOOVEEE. (: So hit the link on my sidebar and give us a LIKE! (: 

So till the next time!! Take care and see you again!!

Just a minute,

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