Nom Nom: Kiseki @ Orchard Central

I hate buffet dining. 
Cause I freaking binge like crazy, and yes that's why I have been putting on weight. 

Headed down to Kiseki at Orchard Central for dinner buffet, weekends dinner buffet are better in most cases, especially at The Line Shangri-la, bombs. so dinner buffet swiped off the card per person at SGD34++ Fair enough I must say. Well, the overall food variety wasn't worth the 34bucks. I've had better, and maybe mass made sashimi really didn't taste as fresh as others could. Like the ones at The Line, then again, price difference. So if you're not fussy over seafood freshness and stuff, I would say Kiseki serves a good range, with fairly good sashimi, and Alaskan Crab legs (Only available during the weekend)

This is rather stupid, one because it's a family dinner with the Chua(s), and typical blogger pre-meal prayer with the phone. Really doesn't seem very friendly, and may be quite rude. Don't you think? So I skipped all and I mean all of the phototaking. If you're a reader, sure do carry, if not, you can always read up on my other posts! (:

I'll start first with the Sashimi station, it offers a range of salmon belly, salmon, yellow tail, calms, tuna. These really are the basics of any ANY Japanese buffet restaurants. Next to the sashimi station laid a plate filled with Alaskan Crab Legs, which not many really did dig into, I thought it's the main catch of a dinner buffet? Odd. I would love to have a comparison, maybe with Kushinbo, and would think that Kushinbo offers better Japanese food. You may think otherwise, but that's my preference within the range of dinner price. I find the Crab Legs slightly fresher than Kiseki's, but the best still has got to be at Triple Three! Love the dining experience there. Oh there's a salad station next to the sashimi's if you're interested. 

Moving on, there's a tempura station which offers a few range of yakitori and tempura items such as Ebi Tempura(Not fantastic, the prawn was damn puny and the flour and oil smell was just omg), Broccoli tempura? Hmmm, no didn't work for me. And lastly muscles tempura (SIGH) Already I wasn't too interested. THE BEST had to be the half Salmon head. Otherwise, it was just average. But you wouldn't feel that way cause of the roaring crowd. 

They had a station which served pastas, lamb chops, pork chops. Which were pretty decent! My favorite had to be the Vongole Pasta (Spicy), that I had 2 shares! YUMMEH. Oden was awesome too! Oden aka Japanese Fishcake, this I found it interesting and liked it quite the fair bit too! 

Other dishes like Chanwanmushi, Tamago(Horribly done), Ramen and seafood pot, Black Curry Rice were just pretty average. They had Zosui, which I felt was pretty good for tasting, but if you're going to have a bowl, I would suggest not? Maybe half a bowl? I could almost taste the ajinomoto. So meh.

Deeserts weren't epic as well, the best were the coma sponge cake. Waffles were okay, a little soggy but good. So, that was it!
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