Review: Samsung Note 2

It rained again. WHYYY? I need Wellingtons now! 

"Niang Niang, ni de Cup NOODLE." when translated "My Queen here's your Cup Noodle" 
Couldn't stop laughing!! 
Took the pictures from the Note 2! Pretty decent no? (: 

Bought my first ever Samsung phone today! It's been so amazing thus far, I have been an iPhone user ever since the iPhone 3. So getting my hands on with the Samsung phone, is pretty much like a 60year old trying to learn the computer, just a pretty smart 60 year old though. I can be quite a gadget idiot, meaning if I don't seek help from Tim and if I was just given that phone. I would probably just use the basic functions of the phone. Which is ridiculous, because the Samsung Note 2 has so much to offer! I am seriously surprised by how friendly it is, and I am glad Tim has a Samsung phone to allow me to mess around with.

10 Things I prefer the Samsung Note 2 to iPhone:

  1. I realise today that I really do prefer a wider screen as compared to the iPhone 4, maybe it's aging. I don't know, but it's way easier to read a book on skoob from the Samsung phone!
  2. Need I say, I love the camera functions! Although I have to agree that the bulk of the note 2 makes it difficult to do self-portrait shots. Give the user sometime, I am sure she'll be an expert!
  3. Auto-update is amazing, the thing about me, is I can be really lazy with APP updates, and I would refuse the need to update my APPs, but the Samsung Note 2 does it for me!
  4. SNote is lovely, I can do my drawings and sketches of dresses and designs. It is perfect! And when I do meetings with Multifolds I can work on my minutes on my Note 2!! 
  5. Gaming, firstly I don't do much gaming. But I tried and the gaming on a bigger screen is really COOL. The bigger the better. No, pun is not intended. Infer appropriately.
  6. Fluidity from switching up screens! I really like the flow of it. I am not sure if you're particular about those sort of stuff but I am, and I love how samsung does it. 
  7. Samsung Note 2 Rider's Digest, yes you read it right. There's this user guide on their App Store for Free, for users like me who's left iPhone for a change. Lovely App.
  8. S Pen, compared to the iPhone/iPad pen the S Pen is so precise with tiny details and it makes drawing so much easier!
  9. S Talk, if you've tried Siri you'll thank god for S Talk who actually does recognise commands better. Good for those who drives! (: It'll save your time and spare you frustration.
  10. Air View, makes it way easier to keep track of meetings and all that you have planned out! 
 Things I think Samsung could have done better:
  1. The side buttons! The volume and the "Off-screen button". Well I would prefer if they aligned it just slightly diagonal opposite one and another, instead of mirrored. I always hit on both at the same time and it sucks. Make me feel like I've got clumsy fingers.
  2. My photos just doesn't look HD on the wall paper! Maybe it's my photos, but it's quite a bummer.
As of now I can only come up with two. I mean I got to give Samsung some justice, and go on using it for another couple of months! (: Pretty happy so far! 

Tell me how you feel about the Note 2 and new tricks I should know about the new phone!! 

Just a minute,

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