Snip snap @ Shunji Matsuo Holland Village

Scissors and dyes. 

I have planted my butt on my favorite salon Shunji Matsuo @Holland village for good 3 hours. I sat contemplating on the length of my hair, and was really determined to have my hair done really short, but I guess I just couldn't bring myself to it. River, I must say really did helped me with a lot of decision making. Thank god for men. I am sorry girls, but I have to admit, we can be pretty indecisive. I wanted Ena Matsumoto's hair, but the idea of pulling it off with a chubby face just slapped me back down to reality. maybe just maybe once my face look as thin as her's. I am not the best example for you girls, if you don't already realise. In such cases of course! I have many other good qualities, I shamelessly believe. HA.

The hair length I initially wanted, but felt was too much for me to accept and handle. Since I have had long hair for the longest time ever. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

The hairstyle I ended up with, not too bad right? A little on the safer side but at least I can still tie my hair up!! Anyway, so this is it! My favourite most seek for Hairstylist has got to be River. HOWEVER, if he is not available, you can ask for Jack! He's pretty good as well! Both extremely client orientated! (:

Till the next visit! (: snipeedeedoo! 

Shunji Matsuo is located right next to Wendy's and Song and Song! Book your appointment now!

Just a minute,

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