Through the breezes and cold wind against my skin.

Credits to Multifolds Photography. 

took a walk with my Fiance today, stopped and stared against the river across. Birds flying freely in the sky, diving down and into the river to fish for food. "What a beautiful sight", I said. Thoughts of a friend of ours came into my mind, have we taken life for granted? What are we really achieving out of this life of ours? Define happiness, define love, define gratitude. Are definitions necessary? 

Growing up, I had everything I needed as a child. I had a wonderful most loving family and a pretty big one too. We stayed together as a whole (cousins), we did almost everything together. Now moving on with life, we strayed to our different roles, playing roles of grown ups. Days from the past, we would sit together as a family for a meal, pray together as a family, love and fight, all that. We had very little media entertainment, and was only allowed to watch the news and this really popular Channel 8 show called "Zhen Qing". Family; A group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. I think we ought to change the meaning of family in the dictionary. So I took and breath and thought of the status I am in, not too bad for a 22, I have got a house, a car, and a loving fiance and my family. But there's just this something that is missing, something I just can't figure out. I am a strong individual, sometimes too stubborn for my good, I want to be out there for the world. Maybe what I need isn't cars or luxury goods, maybe what I really need is a year or so helping society in third world countries, nurturing young children. I have always envisioned that for myself. My family never once disrespect my choice of becoming a nurse, it was never their choice for me to be one, now that I am in this line I see why, it is tough, but it is certainly rewarding at times. I don't wish to share much of my nursing experience here, but nursing has definitely brought me tears and joy. It has made me wonder and ponder about the behaviour of certain classes, or maybe it is how it is. How Singaporeans are, very sheltered by our system. Can the new generations change how we view towards being Gracious, Polite, and Courteous to the nurses who care, to the doctors who treat, and to the parents we love. 

I think we can, I have not been taking the public transport for a very long time. Just the other day I witnessed an extremely orderly line up without any directions from SMRT officers, seeing passengers queuing up, giving way to those in need. I smiled. It made me happy. I remembered how going to Taipei, and being part of their orderly system made me feel extremely happy as a tourist. "I wished Singaporeans were like that, to be as orderly as the Taiwanese are." I said to my parents. Very courteous and happy group of citizens, my dad is so bought over by them, he is even considering retirement in Taipei. I mean why not? They've got the best retirement plans for their elderly, and their hospital systems, nursing homes and such are all planned out pretty well. I wish for Singaporeans to be happier citizens, even though it is quite a tough deal because of inflation, high cost of living. But opportunities are out there for you, fail if you must, just don't quit at trying. It is what it is, if you want earn high, you've got to work for it. 

So as I walked down the park trail, stood listening to the wind and watching birds fishing for food. "I'll get there" and carried on. 

Think about where you stand, what you can give and never think you're not good enough for the world. (: 

Just a minute,

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