Travel Review: Phuket

Tim and I decided to go a short trip over to Phuket, our trip lasted for only 4days and boy do we miss Phuket very much. It's our virgin trip over to Phuket, and we imagined it to be really huge around the area we're staying. But it really wasn't too big after all, the trip over was comfortable, the people were really really friendly and similar to Bangkok everyone is at all smiles. Feels almost like home.

Here's a list of tips for your trip to Phuket:

  1. Bring insect repellant! Or use any Chinese medicated oil to prevent being bitten by mosquitoes. (We suffered a whole load from being bitten, it was almost unbearable)
  2. Buy clothes from Thai sellers, instead of foreigners as their price usually are 50% cheaper, not joking, cause I was scammed by a seller and bought 3 sleeveless top at 650 Bhat and as we walked over to Bangla street in the afternoon they selling the exact at only 100 Bhat. 
  3. Use Sunscreen! Especially during snorkelling trips or even just getting around Phuket. 
  4. Bring along a waterproof camera, you don't want to miss taking beautiful shots in and out of the ocean.
  5. There's Wifi almost everywhere you go in Phuket, most restaurants have got WiFi installed, so fret not about data usage
  6. Choose a hotel that can provide you the best comfort and relaxation. 
  7. If you're travelling in a matured group, skip Fantasea and watch the Simon Cabaret show as it caters to younger crowds. Or if you're more than just curious catch the Ping Pong show along Bangla street
  8. TRY their street food! (Tim will be doing up Posts of Must eat and such in Phuket)
  9. Definitely don't just settle for one stall, go around and ask for the best price you can get, bargaining doesn't usually work as it's a tourist spot
  10. Have fun and just live the moment in the beautiful environment and rich culture.
Our trip didn't have much exciting content as our main reason for this trip over was to choose our wedding destination, and I am very VERY excited to say we have chosen Andara Resort & Villas. However so, we did manage to slot in a couple of activities such as the Fantasea show, and a trip over to Similan Island. 

Thailand's #1 Fantasea show(Popular billboard sign you'll find around Phuket)

Tickets priced at 1,900Bhat per person including buffet dinner, BUT if you book with Phuket shuttle you get a 200Bhat discount! So book with Phuket Shuttle and save money! 

The overall experience over at Fantasea was good, except there were too many mosquitoes during the main show I found it really really hard to focus and was extremely uncomfortable with all the bites I had. I had almost fallen asleep because of the Zen music and most of the time the play was silent, which made it worst. But with that said, they had a couple of parts where they had chickens flying from one end to the other and many other weirdly funny setups. Good for families, young kids, or someone who wants to learn more about the Thai culture. Just please remember to bring insect repellant to fight the mosquitoes!

Here's a random slow lorris along the streets of Phuket, and this was right outside of our hotel. You'll have to pay 100Bhat to get a picture with this little one, but it's all worth it cause it's not any other days when you get to hold or cuddle a lorris. So I guess it's worth the experience! And it's been cared for very well by its owner I have to say, not sure if it is legal to have one as a pet. But it's Thailand! Expect the unexpected! 

(: I love its soft hands and how it clings so close to me. 

So if laying out and sunbathing in the sun isn't for you, get a massage!! For only 200Bhat you'll get an Hour's worth of muscle relaxant therapy. I thought I had tried the real Thai massage in Bangkok, but this one took it to a whole new level. I should have asked for softer hands, but didn't want to cause I know my muscles were really tensed up from all the lifting of my patients. So I had bear the pain and hoped for a better tomorrow, which did happen for me. 

So the reason why I said you have to choose a good hotel is because you're not going to staying out in the sun for 12 whole hours, stay in a hotel that suits your needs. In our case we stayed at Baan Laimai Hotel, the stay over was average, we both agreed we should have chosen a better hotel. We were faced with a handful of problems with the hotel room, but didn't want to complain as we were given a free upgrade to pool view. I'll throw you my list of recommended hotels, we feel at one glance is a hotel worth paying and staying at. 
The good thing to cover up for all the flaws, is their extremely cheap cocktails! This Mojito cost us only SGD5, I had one of this and a Margarita, SO CHEAP!!! Tim had this Irish Coffee which is lovely, but really really strong, he's clueless with alcohol. 
(: with love, always.

The trip over to Phuket, I had plans to go on various Island to tour around, but there's just not enough time for all places. So I chose Similan Island as it is open to public every 6 months for conservation. The island is beautiful, very serene and I would believe it had lesser people than the common islands like Phi Phi and James Bond. Another important tip for you! Get the package along streets, as they slash prices like crazy, never book from your hotel. Our trip over to Similan cost us only 2,200 Bhat per person as compared to the 3,800Bhat original price. So, here's some money saving tip!

Hello! (: *Bring waterproof camera*

This is my favourite shot on the trip back from Similan Island! (:
Similan is a Yawi word which means nine, and it's a national park which means you have to as tourist to really look after the island, never throw cigarette butts or water bottle around. There are nine islands in total, but a one day trip won't be able to cover all nine islands, only four will be covered during the trip. They do have camping stays over at the island with choices of 2day1night or 3day2nights. 

We really did enjoy our trip in Phuket, and will definitely be heading back for more, bringing you more travel tips and eat-outs! (: Till then! Watch out for savoury food posts by Tim! 

List of Hotels I do recommend:
  1. Andara Resort & Villas
  2. Phuket Graceland
  3. Sea Pearl Villas
  4. Twinpalms Villa

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