FINALLY. (In need of swimming classes for your kids?)

The tormenting days of completing my Research Paper and Health Assessment assignment are OVER!! HOORRAAAYYY!! Can anyone throw me a pat on the back? Gosh. It's tough juggling both work and school at the same time, SO... to those who are studying full-time, please don't freaking waste your money or brain cells. Focus on your studies and do well! :D

So anyway, amidst the whole STRESS out almost nearing BURN-out period. I took sometime off with my colleagues to Hong Kong, of which I will throw awesome advices and pictures of food that may just make you salivate! (: YUMMERS.

To all parents or young adults with children, here's a useful tip for you if you're interested in getting a swim coach for your children! My most passionate friend has started her swim school for private classes at a super DUPER awesome rate!! Here's the link to her Facebook page : Little Fin Swim School. Age group starts from 6months of age(with Elson)!! JUST 6MONTHS and your cute little babies can start learning, trust me. Elson and Lynn are really good with kids, and super duper friendly, but strict with coaching sessions. So if you're looking for a coach whether or not for your kids or for yourself, give her a message or throw me a message and I will kindly refer her to you.

I'll leave this post here now, and work on my HK trip post! Stay tuned :D

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