TAIPEI TRIP in 5 more DAYS!!!

HELLO! It's me again, and this time I'm getting all prepped up for my trip to Taipei!! :D I'm bringing my travel journal along to keep track of the things you guys should know when traveling to TAIPEI!! Or Taiwan. We'll be there for 6days5nights, and I think this trip is gonna be different cause I'm gonna involve a little bit more photography and fun(i mean who doesn't right?)!!! Throw me suggestions of places I should visit if you're from Taiwan as well!! (: We're trying to plan a day trip to Kaoshiung or maybe to Hualien!! (:

Anyway I got my hair done at Shunji today!! Couldn't tolerate the weight of hair. River customized my colour for me using AVEDA hair dye mixed with Loreal Red dye. Ask for my hair colour if you're interested! (: My hair smells so good even after dyeing, cause AVEDA hair products doesn't leave the ammonia smell behind, PLUS it's organic!! Anything organic is good for your body. So till the day before I leave for Taipei! I'm heading back to plan the itinerary for my trip over! Till then, stay beautiful and chic.

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UPDATE: Blog posted!!

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