Travel: Hong Kong Trip Day 1 and 2


We set off on our trip via Jetstar, to me it's a pretty decent flight for short trips with friends or families! Jetstar is afterall a budget airline, so you shouldn't be expecting SIA standards, especially with their inflight food. It's rather expensive and really not worth the money spent. So TIP to the start the journey, have a meal first before your flight!! 

#Tip 1:
Upon reaching Hong Kong IMPORTANT TIP ALL TOURIST SHOULD TAKE! Apply for a temporary mobile number, the one we got was with Handy Hong Kong. You can apply online before your trip to get additional discount, I believe it is 15% or 10%? But trust me it'll make your life in Hong Kong so much better, WHY?! Because you get free outgoing calls to your family or friends back at home, unlimited data plan for the number of days you're staying, special discount rates for attractions etc. And guess what!! It only cost us SGD11 per day!!! I mean like seriously, that's way better than auto-roaming isn't it?! So we tethered to the phone's Wi-Fi and you guessed it, us instagramers spammed the site and enjoyed the connection we had in Hong Kong with our friends in Singapore!!

#Tip 2:

Take free train to Hong Kong MRT and work your way through the train stations. It may seem pretty task full, but it's all for the joy of travelling isn't it? We try something new each time! So what we did was we took the train to Hong Kong (15mins or lesser) Swapped and bought octopus card(Remember to top us as there is no value in it) and travelled to our hotel's MRT(Prince Edward Station) It is easy to get around, ask for help from the train staffs, they are quite approachable(Use english during conversations, somehow they just don't like people who converse in Mandarin with them)

#Tip 3:

Do note that you'll have to squeeze your luggage and carry them up and down stairs as there are few lifts or escalators made available in the region. 

Here's the hotel we booked! Metropark Hotel Mongkok :D We got an upgrade to a suite for a top up fee of SGD50 in total I believe, it's pretty decent. And I cannot imagine if we had not upgraded to a suite, as hotel rooms can be really small in Hong Kong. So if you're travelling with friends or family, don't save the extra dollar for comfort. Enjoy every bit of your trip and make it an enjoyable one. 

First Stop! @Hao Cai Hai Xian Jiu Jia 


 (Located near Metropark Hotel, it's about 10mins walk to the mall nearby)
Address: 觀塘道388號創紀之城一期5樓
  • Kwun Tong,
Phone+852 2267 1000
Opening Hours: 11:00 am - 11:30 pm

Dim Sum at this restaurant is super reasonably priced, we had about 13items and it came up to a bill of only 50SGD(rounded up) And trust me the quality and quantity is super awesome!! My favourite from the pick is the honey coated cracker which is super duper yummers!!! The Pork ribs aren't like those you get in Singapore, really chunky and filled with bursting stock flavors from the long hours of marinating. All in all, it's a good place to visit with amazing deal at a reasonably cheap price!

.... MOVING ON ....

So after starting the day with Dim Sum, we took the train down to Lo Wu(MTR) and transited ourselves to another country, China. Well, shopping in Shenzhen wasn't the best as compared to Zhuhai. Clothes were expensive, like really really expensive. But the clinch to travelling to Shenzhen was our chance to feast on really awesome food from LAUREL GROUP Chinese Restaurant. I do believe you can find this restaurant in Macau, as I have seen it in advertisements on shuttle bus rides. So skip Shenzhen and spend more time in Macau and Zhuhai. That's my two cents worth.

 So at Laurel Group, we ordered their Mala Steam fish, Claypot Rice, and Pigeon. Again, my favourite of them all had to be the fish! The pigeon was pretty good, it was soft, really soft and flavourful. But because it was a Pigeon, and I never had Pigeon before, it felt really weird chewing it down. I really enjoyed the claypot too!! Loved the burnt rice towards the end, do you let your rice cook long enough so it dries out and taste Crispy? Let me know in the comments section down below!

...DAY 2...

We walked past this Aberdeen Fishball Restaurant along Ladies market towards Fa Yuen Street, and knew we had to visit the next day. So before we spent the entire day at Hong Kong Disneyland, we filled our hungry rumbling stomachs with deliciousness!

Sheena had her Wanton noodles, Adeline and I ordered Scholar's Porridge. Of course we couldn't miss the condensed milk bun! (: Majorssss. When in Hong Kong, there are a few dishes that you have to try. Their porridge, polo buns, condensed buns, noodles and yuan yang or milk tea. These are a must! If you don't leave Hong kong with a completed checklist, you're gonna miss out.

As we travelled back to the hotel, cause we did more shopping along the way. We past by this Chen Ji Yu Dan (Basically that yellow signage down below) Sheena and I being greedy, knew we had to try it cause well, people were queuing up for it. How typical of us Singaporeans. We never regretted being greedy, other than knowing that we should have ordered (Xiao La = Less spicy) The extra spicy sauce is really bad ass, we were having a tough time coping with the heat! But it was so so good! Must try!! As you can see the stall is along Mong Kok Road! Have fun with your food hunt!

... Disneyland Resort...

We spent the rest of the day at Disneyland Resort, and had mediocre food at this Chinese restaurant in Disneyland. I would suggest to try the chinese restaurant(Crystal Lotus) at Disneyland Hollywood restaurant which serves really fine chinese dim sum and set dinner menu at a pretty reasonable price too!
So this was what we ordered, tiny portion for the price we had to pay. Not worth the money I'd say. Try something else, or have small bites at the bakery and head out for real dinner after the fireworks!! (:

This pretty sums up what we had for Day 1 and 2, excluding street food as I decided to come up with another post for street food we had in Hong Kong!! :D Stay tuned and come back for more!!


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