How to Roast A Chicken (Recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's)

I owe you this post long long ago. But I decided to put this up now, cause my fingers need some defrosting. Yes I have been stuck in a freezing room for 3 hours.

So last December, Tim had to work on Christmas eve and I had to work on both eve and Christmas itself. Perks of being a nurse. So, I really can't let christmas past my sight without a good roast chicken or turkey. Since it was just us during Christmas this year, I had planned out the almost perfect surprise dinner for Tim on Christmas Eve (Post-work). I think I deserve an award.

I would always choose Jamie Oliver as my god to quick and good recipes. So glad I did, for my bird turned out really good.

Main Ingredient(s):
- A bird weighing almost 1.6kg. I couldn't find one that was of required weight, so I bought a Kampong Chicken, with hope it'll turn out feeling less asian.
- Noticed (s)? Yes, the chicken is all you need for now.

- A Lemon. What I like to do is to microwave the lemon for about 15secs, once heated pierce small knife or fork holes into the lemon. Allowing bursting lemon juice to soften and give a surprising taste to your bird.
- Bay leaf. You'll need only one bay leaf.
- Rosemary. I stuffed about 3 fresh rosemary into the bird.
- Thyme. I estimated the amount according to the size of the bird.

- Celery. I added about 3 stalks, celery gives off a really strong taste so be moderately generous with it, though I really enjoyed the taste of the chicken stock from the bird itself when absorbed by the celery.
- Carrots. I added about 4 of them? Maybe more cause it is one of my very loved vegetables to add when roasting a chicken.
- Yellow Onions. You'll need 2 medium yellow onions! Yellow onions are super delish and sweet if cooked properly.
- Garlic. I added a bulb of Garlic UNPEELED and break it into cloves.
-Potatoes (You may add them if you like, but I think I did not since we already had pasta and Mussels for sides)

- Sea salt
- Black Pepper
- Olive Oil
You can never live without them.

- Never roast a frozen chicken. Thaw your chicken for about 30minutes, the temperature should be about close to room temperature.
- While leaving the chicken to rest, prepare and cut up your vegetable into mid size chunks. Prepare your herbs and lemon.
- Take a roasting tray, evenly spread olive oil on it. Lay the vegetables on the base of roasting tray and chicken right above it.
- Prep the chicken, the easiest step! Stuff the heated lemon, and bunch of herbs into the chicken! You'll find it difficult with a chicken from Singapore but you'll get there. Somehow breaking the backbone of a chicken helps. (: Not too much though, since you'll need the support of its backbone to hold the stuffings.
- Season the chicken with sea salt, Black pepper and drizzle evenly with olive oil.
*You may add other stuffings like chestnuts if you like.*

Now it's time to roast the chicken, you will need to cook it for about 1hour 10mins. Really varies according to your oven's competency. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll need to PRE-HEAT your oven to 240degrees for about 15mins. Once that has been established, and your chicken is ready for roasting, turn the heat down immediately to 200degrees and leave it to cook for 1hour10mins to 20mins depending on the size of your chicken. Baste the chicken halfway through cooking, and splash some water if the vegetables looks dry. Once the time is up, set the chicken to rest for 15minutes!

Home is whenever I am with you. Love you always, B. 

You're good to go with your superbly delicious Roasted chicken! :D
Bon Appetit! 

Nothing more perfect than to have a partner enjoy a good home-cooked meal with. (: 
Add a little touch to your decor with candles and mason jars with flowers from that really bare plant.  
I wish you love. -Rachel Yamagata.

With love,

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