Is there a limit?

Should there be?

A typical Singaporean would tell you, "don't need to work so hard, work so hard who will notice, who will see!? Clock strikes at 5pm GO home lor, OT for what?" I honestly don't know how to weigh limit. Listening to Corrinne May's 24hour seems to fit this post perfectly, if you had only 24hours to live, what would you really do?

If you reach the age of 50, looking back at life. Have you done what you have always wanted to do, or have you been living within limits? Why hold back when you know the peak is up ahead? I had a very good discussion with Tim, mostly listening to what he has to say about a good living environment. I cannot deny that a regular Singaporean works like a dog sometimes, we work very VERY hard to please .... please I don't know. Ourselves? Superiors? If you must know most Singaporeans are striving for the elite lifestyle. I'm not sure if you'd agree, but that's how I feel.

I guess I haven't reached the point to this really odd post. Just like you, I am confused. We overheard a couple saying exactly this "If I don't chiong now, how to lead the high life in the future." This is Singapore in the future. We look for the things we want to chase for, good or bad I can't tell. However we truly truly seem to have forgotten the ability to socialise, socialise with our family and friends. But somehow have so much to talk about with colleagues and clients, and of course complain and find fault, what are we really chasing for? I guess that's why sometimes I don't feel belonged to Singapore, a song HOME sung by Kit Chan meant so much to the group of 80s-90s and probably the older generation. Now we've got rap songs and what not as national songs? I just don't get. Why suit the younger generation, when we know sometimes we know that the old can never be replace? Still, my thoughts are getting no where.

I love Singapore, I really do. I have never taken granted for our fairly good medical care, transport even though it has crashed many times lately, and the ridiculous number of population projected in 2016. We can't deny we have got really good safety in Singapore, but in time to come. How safe will Singapore be? Will it then be worth risking moving out? When will Singaporeans learn to give and appreciate? When will we learn how to give proper feedback instead of complaining all the time?
Say "Hello" to the stranger in a similar lift, he/she may just be your neighbour. Have you cooked a meal for you neighbour? I am not saying I have done all that often, but I try mostly for the elders living above and below me. How we want Singapore to be, requires more than just a verbal note, but actions. Be involved. Don't wait till you have all the wealth in the world, and miss out 20 years of your child's growing up. Attend their school events, be at their school events. Family. Don't ever miss them out, because time is irreversible. And if you think your child doesn't remember you not attending their major events, trust me they do. Talk to your kid, ask them about school and their interests. This I swear upon my life I will do for my children, and Tim swear upon his, cause he never was very vocal. More like he wasn't given the opportunity, so I kind of made him promise he will never neglect his family, and be a good father to his children. Not just by providing money but time all in all. Don't ever live to regret. (:

I hope I make some weird ol' sense, cause it sure seems my brain is filtering the good and bad. Like the latter says, "take everything with a pinch of salt." Well I certainly hope you take everything with a pinch of sugar, least life will be sweeter and happier.

"If you can't find doors to opportunities, build the door to your success."

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