Multifolds + Amanda Lee Weddings BEST PACKAGE EVER!!!


For couples who are about to get married, and thinking of your preferred photography services with everything ready for you. Multifolds is ready to pledge you on with bridal services including gowns, make-up and more! Hit on the button on the side of my page and find out more about the works of Multifolds, we are truly bringing you more and we may have more surprises up ahead for you!! Keep in touch with us on Facebook :D Prices for the collaboration package is so so worth it, and we are sure you're bound to love the Gift set from us!! It is major lovely, I want one for myself too!!

Here is my journey with Multifolds by Melvin Lau :D A cute fatty friendly lovescapedographer &pig at Multifolds, a truly hardworking man I have to say!!

Sentosa with Crystal and my Ah boy to man, Tim! (:

We did our photoshoot in Shanghai, but now that the Lovescapade package is so good, I'm thinking of doing it again!! WHY OH WHY!! 

One of the locations we will never forget, the experience was just amazing!! 

Dance with me, hold me and never let me go (: I really love the idea of candid fun moments with my beloved partner, and just looking at how true the emotions were, it's a total blast!

This was a really random, 20mins quick shoot that was done by Melvin, super lovely. Of course I edited and fixed on all the extras, Multifolds edits where got so mediocre oneeeeee. Follow us on FACEBOOK!!!

We will be visiting various countries for our lovescapade soon!! If you're residing in those countries, drop us an email, who knows we might just be your chosen photographer for a proposal shoot, pre-wedding or even AD wedding!!

Multifolds now has a blog, follow us for more awesome posts and updates on pre-wedding preparation etc. Link at :

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