Recipe: Buddaejigae by Adora Yeo

So as the title says I'm going to share with you my eye-balled recipe. :) well it is eyeballed because I did not refer to any Korean recipe for guide, so if it doesn't taste like it. I'm sorry. But, it won't so don't worry. Just cook it. It is superbly easy and delicious!

Well Tim gave a super good history on how buddaejigae came about, so go look up on it on his Tim's Chomp review on BORNGA. :) 

Here's what you'll need! 
-luncheon meat (1 can)
-Cabbage (as much as you like)
-Golden Mushroom or any mushroom of your choice
-Garlic (about 10cloves for a small pot)
-Baked Beans (2 Tbsp)
-Sliced Pork
-Spring Onion(optional but if you like 1 stalk should suffice)
-Big chilli (1 or 2 depending on how spicy you want it to be)
-Cheese slices(Kraft cheese, 2 for each pot)
-Soy beansprout( Buy those Korean ones, not those tiny bean-sprout Chinese uses) 

Soup base
-Soy bean paste (1/2 tbsp)
-Chilli paste (2-3 tbsp to a medium sized half-filled pot about 1L-1.5L) "eye-balled"
-Chicken bone or Pork bone (I personally feel pork bone gives a better flavor the soup but I used chicken breast bone about 3 for the pot I used)
-Yellow onion( One big yellow onion)

Now here's how you prepare:
-Slice up the luncheon meat into thick nice slices as you can see from the picture above.
-Wash and cut up your vegetables 
-Prepare your baked beans(trust me you'll tend to forget if you don't get it out)
-Thaw the pork slices
-Make sure to clean and prep the bean sprouts
-Finely chop the garlic cloves and fry them with 4-5tbsp of canola oil

Here's for the soup base:
-Boil about 1L of water first
-Add the chili paste and soy bean paste to pot, stir well
-After boiling, add chicken bones to the soup pot
-Allow slow-heat boiling for about 15-20mins
-Taste and add yellow onions and boil for another 10mins

-Arrange your vegetables and meat according to how you want it to be
-Most importantly have the baked beans by the side
-Cheese slices should always be on the top
-Pour in your delicious broth and you're ready to go!

It is that simple!! :)

Now go cook yourself a nice Tuesday dinner for your family or love one! Till then, have a good week ahead :D 

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