Visit to S.E.A. Oceanarium!!

FINALLY paid a visit to S.E.A. Oceanarium, my mum got us free tickets this January for the opening of S.E.A. but we only found time this June. Crazy. HAHA. Well, let's just start of by saying it's a really huge huge Oceanarium. We took about two hours to complete the whole viewing, and we were just browsing through weren't taking notes or sort. I do feel Siam Ocean World in Bangkok offers more, and does have more interesting marine animals. But it's a different experience all in all. 

Must you all know, I am a huge anti-aquarium/ oceanarium. I believe animals or in this case marine animals should belong to where they come from, the ocean. I know we need some form of education that animals of such does exist, so I won't exactly say a 100% no to it. Plus we've got annoying hunters out there killing and whaling, so at least for those in the oceanarium they get a chance to live. Another plus point to Singapore's Oceanarium is you can genuinely see that the marine animals are 'happy', dolphins and stingrays doing 360 turns and the way they behave. I know I'm not an expert, and I may be wrong to judge for them. But I hope they are happy or least they seem to be.

I've got too many pictures from S.E.A. But to my fellow readers from abroad, it's a must visit! And to enjoy the atmosphere even more. Have a lunch date at Athena restaurant, the feeling is magnificent, reminds me a lot of Dubai. So I'll let the pictures run, and I hope you enjoy! Visit Singapore soon!!!

Something about corals, and it's little marine habitat. :)
Dolphin!! :) just look at it chilling on the ground filled with moss(apparently Tim said dolphin eat those mossy looking stuff) cute.
I think this picture says a lot, do you know there are feeders like them who feed them manually through a syringe? :) cool right!
I love the uniqueness of jellyfish! Super pretty Japanese jellyfish.
Having tea at Athena restaurant :)
My favorite favorite marine animal now! Reminds me of Batman, just underwater now. :) damn cool looking!
Cranking some Gentleman moves. Showoff, Pffts.
I will end my post with my favorite mammal! :) till the next time, see you!!!

Ciao ciao :) have a nice week ahead! Enjoy your school holidays and have fun!! :)

Sneak preview to next post: Found a new Japanese place, that is light on your pocket, and super pleasing to your taste buds! :)

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