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Hello guys!!

Here's one very important lesson I've learnt over the past few days. I have been a user of contact lens for about 10 years, and recently I have been having trouble with my eyes. It tends to get red, dry and very irritable easily during and after I remove my contact lens. Sadly, I have this eye issue called cornea ulceration, which is usually due to prolong usage of contact lens. Well it is indeed hard to live without contact lens for me, mainly for cosmetic purposes. To be told I cannot use contact lens permanently, is quite a blow to me. Well although I think I would still do for sports and all but yea. It saddens me, apparently there are studies for contact lens users who have reached the 10years mark. 

Warning: Gross Image of my eye. 

The circled area which looks hazy is the ulceration of my cornea. According to the doctor it is has caused permanent damage to my cornea, and lasix may not be an option. Now is the time when I repeatedly tell myself, "I should have done it earlier." Sigh.

I will be missing my bare face. :(

Very thankful for Orchard Optics boss Andrew who has kindly sponsored me new spectacles from Pescara, which are amazing. It is my second pair and I cannot rave more about how well it fits my asian face.

Pescara spectacles are extremely lightweight, and very comfortable to wear. There are many designs that orchard optics carry, and trust me they sell out very fast at Orchard Optics. Most of you, my readers have been patronising his shop! Hence in goodwill of my awesome readers, I've got a surprise for you!!

I am just that silly. I actually think the Pescara spectacle actually makes me look a lot more mature!! Looooovee it! :D

SO with the painful lesson I've learnt for not taking care of my eyes proper, and the importance of wearing spectacles instead of contact lens all the time. Andrew and I would like to present you with a 10% Discount when you visit his shop at Orchard Optics located at Orchard Plaza Level 1 #01-73

*Do present my page, or quote my name and blog!**

Take good care of your eyes!! & don't fall into the same trap as I did for my eyes!! (: 

With love,

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