WOOHOO! I am Tim! AND I AM BACK! This time I am here to review on what we ate when we were in Bangkok, Thailand. To be honest, it is only what we captured on camera. We got all excited that we are back in the great land of smiles that sometimes we go...

Don't lie, many of you are guilty of that too.

ANYWAY! We have landed at Chatuchak! Like I mentioned earlier, we were SO excited to return one of our favourite spots in Bangkok that we arrive probably 1-2 hours early? So guys, do remember to take note of when should be the best time to arrive at hotspots like this. 

wait, wut?
But then again, the main star of the show (for me at least) is the food! Plus I was starving, so I HAD to to get something to eat so we just found a random Thai restaurant. This particular eatery does have a name. Unfortunately, I do not understand Thai. BUT! The staff are all wearing a uniform pink tee and an apron. Pretty easy to spot. (:

SIPWAAWH - Staff In Pink With Aprons And White Hats.

Will never be sick of low-priced menus.
Now this is the interesting part. I had a (eternal) craving for Pad Thai, we requested for it but apparently we arrived too early and they serve Pad Thai for lunch only. What a bummer! So we decided to hunt for food somewhere else. As we stepped out, the kind lady called us back and told us they will prepare Pad Thai specially for us. I almost buckled in tears.

Thai Iced Tea - Why drink other non-alcoholic beverages when this is available?
A Thai masterpiece.
Pad Thai is one of the most-favourite Thai dishes for me, although I am sure Adora will beg to differ. When the Pad Thai arrived at our table, first thing that left an impression in my head was the egg hugging the Pad Thai.  Rather than traditionally cooking the egg together with the rest of the noodles, it was prepared separately. Genius really. In general, it was pretty delicious!

After we were done, we saw on the Chatuchak brochure that coconut ice cream is a must-try. So our search began. On the way, we found some sweet mangoes!

After searching for close to an hour, we found it! Actually, there are a couple of stores specked across Chatuchak that sells coconut ice cream. Be sure to look for Coconut Icecream @ JJ! It has really small table and stools and it is at one of the corners of Chatuchak. Most significant would be it small little flag inserted into the ice cream. (:

For her, toppings of corn and Nata de coco.

For him, toppings of Attap Chee (a.k.a 亞答子 or immature seeds of the Nipa Palm)
This marks the end of our short visit to Chatuchak! I know that there is so much more to try here so I really want to come back and try again! Anybody who knows of a particular store that you try we MUST TRY the next time we go, just leave us a comment below! Till the next post!

Don't stop chomping! :D 

~ Tim

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