Travel: Singapore to Bangkok

We made a last minute booking via on our hotel and flight to Bangkok and it was perfect. Expedia offers awesome rates and services, we used to book in separate platform but Expedia made it so easy, we loved it!! Can't wait to travel more through booking with Expedia. So we booked our hotel Centara Watergate Pavillion, and lovely Scoot! flight which felt so good. We got a free upgrade to the yellow seats on our trip over to Bangkok, which we only realised on our trip back to Singapore, the extra leg space was amazing! Even though it was only a 2 hour flight, it made the 2 hours really comfortable and enjoyable.

On arrival to Survanabhumi airport we took a metered taxi to Pratunam region, if you do not know, Pratunam has most of the shopping malls and really awesome street food! We stayed at Grand Diamond on our previous trip, and had almost wanted to book the same hotel. I'm glad we chose a different hotel this time around! Centara Watergate Pavillion IS a new hotel, so expect taxi drivers to be slightly uncertain of the area, just direct them to Pratunam Centre or Amari Watergate. Along Pratunam centre, direct them to Soi 2 and turn in to one of the malls. (:

Super pleased with Centara Watergate Pavillion hotel, we were greeted with welcome drink which tasted really beautiful very refreshing! The staffs were extremely courteous and friendly, and again we were given a free upgrade to a deluxe room and were given the second highest on the building! There was also Free-WiFi, most hotels do have, but I'm glad we had connection to Facebook and Instagram.

Salt baked fish - This is the Snakehead fish, there's another choice of tilapia which is much better cause the texture is less tough. But all in all it was good cause of the chilli sauce!!

Mini Pot steamboat? Yea, we didn't really fancy it too much. 

 Crabs were only at 300bhat! 

 Remember to look out for the stall with Pink bowls!!

Fish at only 150Bhat!! We tried two stalls and this fish was good just that the chilli sauce wasn't as delicious as the Pink stall. 

On our first day to Bangkok which was pretty late at night, we rushed to find the street food we once had 3-4 years back! Street food are located on the side of Central World opposite Big C. You'll find it, cause there are a lot of people surrounding the area. Part of the reason why we flew to Bangkok was because we missed the Salt Baked Fish so much!! It was delicious, and we found the store which serves really good food! Hint: Look for the stall that serves in pink bowls and plates! We had two rounds of everything we ordered. Food was really really cheap. So after our heavy meal along the streets, we took a tuk tuk back to the hotel it was hard to bargain so we were snitched 100bhat for a 4minutes ride. Hint: Bargain according to the distance, a 4 minutes ride on a Tuk Tuk should cost about 70bhat, honestly it's still quite expensive, but there's no way you can bargain that much. They'll probably ignore you if you do. 

Why Bangkok is better than Hongkong. For the one very important thing to me, the people. People there are sooooooo friendly, they help you and everything is wholesale!! You just ought to know how to shop and how to bargain well! My favourite shopping area would and only be Platinum mall, there are other areas like Union mall and all. But to get to Union mall would already take up a certain amount of time, maybe I'll try that next time. Tim and I were really happy with shopping in Platinum mall considering there were already 2 zones to the mall and we barely managed to route the whole area. We also visited Pratunam morning market which wasn't a pleasing experience, I bought a grey t-shirt which had different colour tones on the collar and shirt itself. Awkward much. So therefore, Platinum mall being my favourite! Quality of clothes have improved a lot, and we bought 24 or more t-shirts back from a store called I AM BASIC located at level 5 of Zone 2. I have also patronised a fair bit from this stall called Room located at level 2. It's hard to tell you where this is, just go and amaze yourself! Hint: If you see something you like, just buy it, cause you're bound to head back and trust me it can be a maze. Can be quite tricky to find the store you visited before again. :D

Tours with Expedia:
We booked a one-day tour to the Floating Market, River Kwai Bridge and Tiger Temple. Overall I felt the trip was average, we loved the tiger temple most. En route to the few areas we were brought to different stopping points, such as Elephant Rides, Wood Carving and Snake Fights. The elephant rides were REALLY expensive but we knew it had a good cause, well hopefully so and that was to raise the elephants. It was 1200bhat for 2 person, which I'm sure is really expensive as compared to the outskirts area of Thailand. Floating Market was interesting not because of the things to buy, but because of the people living at the Floating market. We had really good duck noodles as well, and met new friends on our trip. Then we headed to tiger temple which was quite a bummer cause it started to rain heavily and we waited for about 15minutes for the rain to stop. We had our first hand experience with real tigers, and it was beautiful. The tigers were really well fed and cared for by volunteers from Australia and the monks who stayed there. Lovely experience. (: The next time I head over I'll be registering myself for the whole day tour just at the Tiger Temple.

Fly Scoot!:
I'm switching my flights to Scoot! now, we upgraded ourselves to Scoot Biz and it was totally worth the money. Well sort of, but it was comfortable for me cause I was having menstrual cramps. So having a comfy chair and more leg space meant a lot for a groaning pain woman. (; Loved the cabin crew on board, you get more smiles on board and service is generally better than any other budget airline! I'm hoping to fly to Korea via Scoot! soon :) Or probably take my parents to Bangkok again via Scoot! Seriously worth changing for, love the airline. Oh! and I must give credit to the Captain on TZ301 and TZ 302 on my travel dates 22/6/2013 and 26/6/2013 for the perfect landing and takeoff. :) So now you know, FLY SCOOT! (: worth the extra dollar for everything so perfect for a budget airline.

Here's some pictures from our trip:

Shot with Sony A550

P.S.: I had the best risotto in Bangkok too, but I'll leave Tim to his Tim's Chomp Review!! :D

Tim's Chomp Review on the famous Jatujak!! :

Next trip update: Kuala Lumpur :D


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