Travel: Taiwan Jiufen -> Pingxi -> Keelung

The last journey of Taiwan.

We packed our luggages and lugged it all the way up to Jiufen where we lodged ourselves in a Minsu(home stay) for a night called Sun Room Minsu. We spent about 800TWD on taxi fare cause we were exhausted from our tedious travelling around Taiwan. By now our luggages weighed a good 18-23kg, of which I was reluctant to take the train. It took about 40minutes to get to our minsu, it was pretty far from Jiufen itself, but the minsu feels really cosy, very Taiwan. It was still early for check in, so we left our luggages and informed the lady who's name happened to be Adora too that we will be home late, very late. Assured by the honesty of Taiwanese, we left happy towards our journey to Pingxi-Shifen-Keelung :D

Our room when we returned to the hotel at the end of the day (: Everything was placed so neatly! :D

We took a bus down to Ruifang station, there are a couple of buses but the one I remember was Bus 706. So take any bus down to Ruifang train station, buy yourself a day ticket through the Pingxi line and begin your journey! 

We went to the very end of the line which is the Pingxi Station, and there were a whole group of actors and actress and a few wedding photoshoot going on. Pingxi town is actually very small, but they do have pretty good snacks! You can choose to trek up to the coal mines and all, but we weren't up for it so we skipped that and went around feeling the pace of life and just chilling. 

 Pingxi Signage, spot Lover's Bridge, there really are many couples around the area. Love in the airrr ~

 Identify this in Pingxi and let me know if you're able to find these bunch of moss. 

 Ain't these the cutest ice cream covers? And they taste really good too, I chose Mango! Very refreshing for the warm weather. :D

 Hello!! :)

While walking along you will notice these bamboo poles, you can purchase a bamboo and leave your wishes down! (: Loads of happy good wishes written on the bamboos. 

I know, I have kept you waiting. Here's your main course, we had a share of this baby and it was super cheap, honestly can't remember the price. But it was of a good portion and it really tasted really good! Tim's favourite, I found it a tad too oily for my liking but the price made it worthy.

Pingxi ----> Shifen

We took the train down to Shifen, and spent our time there hunting down for food. We were so afraid we will run out of time for Keelung so we fast tracked Shifen a little which we kind of regretted cause there are quite a fair bit to look around Shifen. Plus we didn't have time for lantern release, which was quite the bummer, but that's alright!

 So the first thing we did was to head to where the longest of queue was, and it was this! Chinese Sauage .... with fillings! I mean it's odd right? How sausages can be the rave amongst Taiwanese.

Then I realised, these sausages were handmade from scratch and made on the spot. Therefore it's freshness, and juicy flavoured seasoning.

I had the Basil Sausage, honestly I am not a huge fan of Taiwanese sausages but this proved to be pretty good and I think it's worth queuing up for! Give it to the grandma's hard work (:

While waiting for the queue, I saw this bean curd stall right in front of the Taiwanese sausage queue and decided to buy one share. BEST DECISION EVER. Seriously! The flavor is one I have not tried yet in Singapore. I think it was Beancurd, brown sugar and whatever topping you get to choose I chose Red bean and barley. (: It was sooooo smooth! Unlike the ones we are crazy for in Singapore now which has like Gelatin and stuff in it, this is truly Au Natural.  I love it so much I wanted to buy another, refuse to share and also because I ate most of it! HAHA. OOps! (: But yes, by far the favorite of my list!

Look at those Barley bits and red beans. ((: I don't know how we managed to stomach all of that! IRON TUMMIES.

Here's a view of Shifen before we left for Keelung! (: 

Shifen ----> Ruifang Station ----> Ruifang Bus Station ----> Keelung (Miao Kou Night Market)


You know they say the best night markets are located around Taipei vicinity, you are so so wrong! We found our Number #1 Night market in Taiwan/Keelung. The night market is called MiaoKou Night Market, and though the trip may be tedious, but if you decide to stay over at Jiufen this is one place YOU MUST VISIT. Trust me on my stomach. We had huge load of seafood which were really affordable!! Let me take you through...

At our very first stop we saw this stall, which is VERY prominent with its red signboard and all. I chanced upon this stall, because I had to use a toilet and they kindly lead me to a toilet of theirs. Because of their kind act I decided to patron their food which was probably THE BEST DECISION EVER!!! Thank you for taking me to the toilet and the food you made for us. SOBS.

 We ordered a share initially of butter crab, which was heavenly! I think the stall owners were pleased to see how happy we were eating their food. HAHA. Damn happy la! Trust me, it is super good, the taste of salty butter and sweetness of the crab, and crunch of onion slices. OMG. Take me back to Miaokou Night market. ):

 Miao Kou Night Market is a seafood haven, everywhere is filled or has something to do with seafood. We chose this Chen Ji Crab stall, I read on google that is a MUST to try this baby. Thank you food geniuses. (:
This crab soup taste very much like the mock(fake) shark's fin soup my dad cooks, and it super tasty!! I love it!! And I am sure my dad will like it just as much!! :D You will too, so go get yourself a bowl when in Miaokou Night market!!

Tadaa! Crab glutinous rice, you'll see and find many stalls selling the same thing. I apologize my stomach can only take that much. So we only had one share and shared. (: I was still thinking of my buttered crabs. :D Anyway this bowl of rice is flavored to its best, I don't really know how to tell you it's flavour, but it's very like lotus rice, just seafood like and a lot more fragrant!

I can drink a whole pot of that goodness!!  

We decided to try the stall on the opposite, it's colour theme is yellow instead of red. ANd we were disappointed, for one they used flower crab instead of the ones we had at Gou Ji Stone Pot Prawns. So we weren't quite disappointed. Truly disappointed.

Oysters were of small size and it took a really long time for the oysters to come, I was truly not liking taste of the oysters. :(

Notice the change of plate colour? HAHAH. We went back to Gou Ji Stone Pot Prawns and went for our final round of seafood!! I KNOW RIGHT, WE ARE MAD. :/ We ordered more this time round, one share of butter crab and was given another for FREE. Why so nice to us!! And we ordered lobster cooked two ways, cheese and pepper seasoning, lastly the Gong Gong above which finished fast.

Tim's favorite, cheese lobster! I don't know, but maybe I am used to how lobster is being eaten the western way if not eaten as Sashimi. But I was so thankful cause they gave us a really big lobster for the minimal price we paid. Why are we so loved everywhere we go??? Sobs. :)

This has way too much pepper and it was pretty dry, but we ate it anyway. Thus I would say the best from this stall would definitely be their very very fresh Prawns and Butter Crab!! I just love it to the tips of my fingers! (: 

I leave you with our video of the stall's speciality Stone Pot Prawns!! (:

We dearly miss you TAIWAN! (: 

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