Recipe: Macaroni Soup for the Soul

So it's past the weekends, and it's now Monday :/ Feeling the blues already?? I am, starting work on Wednesday after a good week's worth of Annual leave. :D So over the weekend, I woke up to a huge craving for macaroni with a twist! (:

So here's my go-to self-made recipe for Macaroni:

3cups Macaroni (Serves 4)
A packet of Dodo or Bobo fish ball
2 chicken breasts
1 carrot
1 potato
1 yellow onion
Chicken stock
Miso Paste (optional, but it's the twist to a good soup broth)

1) Boil a pot of water, cook the macaroni over boiling water. Add in a pinch of salt, and cook for about 6mins or as per packaging. Do not overcook at this point as you will be cooking the macaroni again once your stock is done.

2) Prepare your ingredients. -(Optional) slice up fish balls into half ; -Slice up chicken breast ; -Dice both carrot and potato ; -Slice the yellow onion

3) 2 options for chicken stock (Use either freshly made chicken stock or concentrated chicken stock) I used Maggie Cocncentrated chicken stock. I boiled half a pot of water and added about 2 tsp of concentrated chicken stock, and also added about 2 tsp of miso paste (to taste) **whilst cooking I did throw in a bit more of chicken stock and miso paste cause added more water to have more soup base!

4) Add in ingredients that takes longer to cook first, Yellow onion, Carrot and Potato. Let it cook for about 4 mins. Thereafter add in the chicken breast you've sliced up, similarly, add in macaroni which was par-boiled.

5) Allow time for it to rise to boil, at this point you should be tasting your soup base and adjust to taste as according! (: stir occasionally and add in your final ingredient fish ball! Let it cook for about 3 mins, and switch off your stove!

Serve up and enjoy a good breakfast!! :D

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