Top 5 Camera Apps on the iPhone

Photography through the tiny lens, has played such an inevitable role of everyone's life. 

So here's my top 5 favourite Camera Apps on my iPhone 5!

1. VSCOcam (VSCO Adora)

VSCOcam has remained my GO-to APP for photo-editing, and I KNOW, yes I know professional photographers can diss me a little when I say this my favourite app. 

Anyhoo, VSCOcam has a pretty decent range of AMAZING presets. I have to say it is more an artsy fartsy App if you use it well, also VSCOco understands how important it is for amateur to professional photographers to showcase their work without them being 'stolen' from the internet, hence a platform called the VSCOgrid was created. It is of course not as mainstream as Instagram, so don't expect 238302432likes on one photo. But you may stand a chance to be featured! (:

2. Hipstamatic

My love for hipstamatic is like the stock market, it goes up and down. At a point of time, I steered away from hipstamatic, but I am back on it now cause I am so in love with their Food film preset. It just makes the food looks so much more delicious! So yes, I am mainly using Hipstamatic for my daily pre-meal prayers. Although I have to admit, that the colour tones aren't that fantastic, but I am still experimenting with this new preset! Will keep you guys updated if it is worth the price.

3. Mei Ren Xiang Ji 

Let's just say, this is MY favourite CHEAT app. (: haha. I personally love this APP to photoshop away my imperfections. Don't we all want to look perfect? Yes it may seem a little 'fake' but it beats going under the knife! Still proud of how my parents made me, just the imperfections of acne and that nasty double chin from all the FOOOD. So here's a Before and After, I am sure you can tell the difference!

4. Typic

After all the gruesome effort to edit a photo, there are certain photos I'd like to take it up a notch. And that is to add quotes or thoughts on a picture. SO here is my favourite for fonts that are sufficient to kick off your creative juices.

5. iPhoto

Being pretty new to this app, I have to say it functions best on an iPad. I do not have samples of pictures because I am pretty satisfied with the above 4. But if I did not have the above four, this is one app I would go to. Last resort. 

So there you go! These are my Top 5 Camera Apps I use to edit my photos on my tiny device (: If you like more of such posts on recommendation and in greater detail of how I edit some of my photos, drop me a comment! Also do follow me on Instagram @adorayeo for constant updates and a better preview of my pictures.

Adora Yeo

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