Cupcake Goodness?

Hello all! :D

So this evening Tim and I went for a simple dinner at Pho Hoa at Holland Village, which by far sells the BEST Pho in Singapore, way better than Nam Nam (#overratedmuch). If you're craving for a hot bowl of good Pho, pronounced as "Fur" (haha), Not "Fo". You have to try Pho Hoa at Holland Village, absolutely tasty Pho. :D yum yum ~

Did you know that 110million cupcakes were sold in 2012? Awesome no? It could possibly turn you into a millionaire, just like how twelve cupcakes does their business. Brilliant :D I have to agree that twelve cupcakes does make really good cupcakes, but if you're a little more picky with your tastebuds, you have to agree it is not the best. (: Sorry dan, I love your cupcakes and it truly is easy to buy them cause it is everywhere. BUT one that I have been patronising are the cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. Yum Dums! :D

So this evening we headed over to buy cupcakes and here are my Top 5 favourites!!

1) Salted Caramel [DON'T WE ALL LOVE SALTED CARAMEL] I would suggest to pair it with a cuppa tea to balance out the sweetness! :D THIS IS MY FAVORITEEEEEEE!!!

2) Strawberry White Chocolate

3) Holiday Special (Bourbon Chocolate)

4) Cookies and Cream

5) Red Velvet

This holiday season, Plain Vanilla has come up with really awesome flavours! One that I really enjoy is the bourbon cupcake. Tim really enjoyed the Gingerbread! :) So a normal cupcake would take $3.50 out of your wallet, and a holiday special would be an additional $0.30 more! But BUT, trust me, you will thank me after. And that 3buckioles ... and a half would be so worth the price. :D Thank me later guys, I really do hope Plain Vanilla will offer you guys something special for this holiday season. But!! do you yourself the favour, treat yourself to a superbly tasty cupcake.

I am so looking forward to ordering cupcakes from them for my ROM next year! ;) Till then,

I leave you now with the address to Plain Vanilla. :D

Holland Village  
34A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277691. 
**Located on the second floor opposite Harry's Bar and above El Patio Mexican Restaurant & Wine Bar.**

Tiong Bahru Estate    
1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641


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