365 (G)ratitude.

Happy New Year!!! Well yes it is 2014! :D 365 days of 2013 have passed by pretty fast hasn't it?

I feel fortunate to be able to be around to celebrate 2014, many of others don't get the chance to or maybe are less fortunate. Every new year is bound to be a whole new year of ups and downs. Sure you do want more Ups than downs. This new year a lot will come by for me, getting married to my best friend, receiving our first home together and much more. I think 2014 feels like a year for the both of us, to really focus on what we want for ourselves, as an individual.

Many a times as a couple, we focus too much on the other. Sometimes we forget who we are or what we want to be or do. All i want to do to is to think of 5 good things or skills I want to focus on and really go all out for in this year. Yes it has to be realistic, with my work schedule and all that has got coming. Make SMART goals.

  1. Photography (set out at least 1 album a month)
  2. Coming up with at least 1-2 self-made recipes a month
  3. Read at least 2 books a month
  4. Be in control of my health, drop my weight back down.
  5. Write down at least 1 positive act or event everyday

I really want to adapt 365 grateful (365grateful.com) and apply it to my life. I think it is very important to feel grateful, to reconnect as an individual. I love people, I love life, but I can't seem to find 5 things I love about myself, I could come up with 3 but...  it stops after. Think about it hard, what are 5 things you love about yourself. What are the 5 things you love about yourself, that you are sure can influence others. I will document my progress with 365 gratitude, yes I am using gratitude instead. :) Spend a little more time understanding yourself, cause along the way, through different influences in life, you may lose yourself. So pick yourself up, don't lose yourself. Change is necessary, but don't lose yourself through changes. Stick close to your values. :)

All in all, never lose faith nor sight. At your lowest, stick a hand out have someone to help you through. Again, you will never be alone so never lose track of what you were meant to do. If you fail, learn and move on, never let it leech onto you. Rid off self-pity, fail again, fail many times cause those who aren't afraid to fail are those who succeed.

Happy New Year once again!! :D


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