[OVERDUE] Travel: Hong Kong Disneyland

 It's been a year, and here's a really late post to reminisce on our trip to Hong Kong! This time we travelled to a land where dreams come true, yes you are right! Disneyland. :D Although it may not be as great as the ones in Japan or USA. But it's closest to heaven, this place means the world to both Tim and I, cause that's where he proposed! :D awwww***

So here we go! We begun our trip to Aberdeen Fishball Noodle House located just 20minutes walking distance from our hotel, we decided to fill our hungry stomachs and head to Disneyland.
Aberdeen Fishball Noodle house is located at 139 Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. I doubt reservations is required, cause they seem fairly empty at 9-10am. Not too sure about the crowd at 12pm, but take a chance! :D 

Toasted buns with condensed milk. :D This has got to be the second best I have tried in Hong Kong, correct me if I am wrong. 

Sheena as usual ordered her wanton noodles, I swear this baby girl of mine orders only ONLY wanton noodles, she's a wanton connoisseur!!

Sheena <3 p="">
Myself <3 p="">
Adeline <3 p="">
We ordered Scholar's porrdige (Jiang Yuan Zhou)

After our lunch, we headed out and Sheena bought a ice cream cone from those mobile ice cream vendors. One for us 3 to share! Awesome!

Of course, when in Hong Kong, you ought to hunt for the best CURRY FISHBALL! This here, is by far the most awesome I have ever tried. Smartly we decided to go for the DA LA(LEVEL OF SPICY 9/10) It is crazy Spicy, regrets!! Thank goodness for Adeline, and it's a good thing we all love spicy food. 

Here's a terrible shot of the stall! Instagram me at @adorayeo if you do visit the stall <3 p="">

The fish ball stall is located at this location <3 p="">

We then headed over to DISNEYLAND!! YAY!!!
Pretty Nurses <3 p="">
To the land of true happiness, where worries are eliminated the moment you take a step forth into this magical land :)) ahhhh.... Good times. 

If you're wondering, we didn't buy tickets online. The previous time when I brought my parents over, I bought us tickets through their online website. Also if you are really keen in awesome Dim Sum food, do try Crystal Lotus at Disneyland Hotel, NOTE: You have to Pre-order those cute disney characters at least 1 week before going to the restaurant. 


TOY STORY LAND!! YOU HAVE TO TRY THE HORSESHOE Coaster, it's not a roller coaster, but a coaster coaster <3 nbsp="" p="">
For dinner we headed to the Chinese restaurant for dinner, and ordered this abalone lotus rice! It was okay, fair, wish they had curry fish balls there. Just kidding, :D

Roasted Duck was fair, definitely not the best in Hong Kong. But the best part, we get to rest our tired legs for the final fireworks show! Woohoo!!

Carousels are amazing aren't they? They are my second favourite to snow globes <3 p="">
Looking forward to the next trip to Hong Kong!! Please throw me more places to visit the next time! Thank you!!


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