TIM'S CHOMP REVIEW: PENANG STREET FOOD (and also the not-so-street food) DAY 1

HELLO THERE! I really got to be more regular with these posts. :| i do my best alright...


This time Adora and I rushed off very much quickly after an awesome self-prepared Christmas dinner to the delicious destination of Georgetown, Penang!

Okay, let's see. Honestly, the both of us really had no idea what to expect from Penang. We've heard little things, snooped around online to see what's up with this quaint little town, then the topic of food arrived. AAAAAAAAND that'saboutallthatweneedtodecidetoelopehereforaweekend. :D

I will take the liberty of sharing with you guys just the gastronomical aspects for our trip. Adora will do the rest. Hahahahahahaha!

First stop, it was none other than ASSAM LASKA @ AYER HITAM!

Before I bore you with words, here is a photo!


I am not a fan of noodles. But this bowl blew every opinion i had about Assam Laksa away. Though the portion is not exactly the biggest. But this bowl is all about quality over quantity. Besides, which Singaporean can complain about a RM$4 bowl of noodles? I mean, look at it. Just look at it.

After filling our tummies we decided to head to our hotel with an approx. 15 mins taxi ride.

So arriving 12pm at the hotel, the very first thing we realized is that the really good stuff don't open till earliest late afternoon/early evening. At least for the stuff we wanted to eat. Oh wells.

But it is lunch time. We are still hungry and we need to eat so we wandered around and chanced upon HONG XIANG BAK KUT TEH!

What a beautiful...... menu!

Road name of the road where Hong Xiang Bak Kut Teh is.

Pig trotters in black vinegar.

Check out the length of the ribs! O.O 

Then check out the meat!
Well, unfortunately, neither Adora or I took note of the price of the meal. But we were pretty damn sure it was cheap! They offer many other dishes but since this visit is unplanned, we ain't gonna spend so much here. Also, I am not sure why but the exterior displays YI XIANG BAK KUT TEH instead of HONG XIANG BAK KUT TEH. So I am not sure what's up with that.

Ah! One more thing, I am also not exactly sure of the operating hours but they closed right after us and then open again only at 6pm so do take note. (:

 After reading much about this 'Teochew Chendul" online, we figured it is a must go. Besides the weather was being irritating so off we went in search of something that might cool us down. (:

When we were nearby, a crowd in an alleyway can hardly be missed!

Remember that there are two different queues for two different items. 

A god-like bowl of goodness for RM$3. emergerd. 
Friendly uncle to take your order. :D

Uncle patiently listening to a little boy's order.

Dem CKT ain't gonna cook itself!

Woohoo! Didn't take note of the price again. was too excited. :(

A random auntie was walking around selling traditional nyonya otak-otak. RM$2.
After a delicious lunch.. wait... bak kut teh was lunch... ah doesn't matter. After that MEAL, we headed to 55 Cafe & Restaurant for a cuppa!

Cute Mocha Latte with 3D art! 

Another with a different design!

Now, this place. When we arrived, it was approximately 6.30pm with a slight drizzle. By then the entire place was full other than outside seats. Sure why not right? Man, the moment we sat down, we were literally assaulted by mosquitoes. Possibly because of the rain? Plus we were seated outside. So i am not sure. The coffee was good though! Just that maybe we could have enjoyed a bit more if we weren't tearing our skin off because of the itch. hahaha!

Unable to bear with the itch any longer we left in a hurry to head to our final destination, New Lane Hawker Centre. Before you judge us for eating so much, we do walk from point to point! And we walk without any directions and we use visual memory. That gotta count for something, right? hahaa

ANYWAY! When we arrived here in the afternoon, everything was closed but this place is alive when the sun goes down. Again, this New Lane Hawker Centre is not like any other hawker centre we have in Singapore. Hawkers are situated ALONG the road and seats are everywhere. You can order food from any stall. There is a catch; you HAVE to order at least a drink from the drinks stall that is nearest to you. So don't be surprised if you are denied a seat by stall helpers if you don't order a drink.

Some specialty drink that probably has like 4 different components I can't even identify. But it was surely refreshing!

Don't mind my two male models. I paid them to look good and one just keep eating while the other just stares. tsk.
Anyway, fancy eating chee cheong fun in the evening. hahaha
But this chee cheong fun puts the instant ones we have back in Singapore to shame.

Century Egg Porridge. RM$4.
According to Porridge Connoisseur Miss Adora Yeo, this porridge isn't exactly very nice. I mean, how would I know right? XD

Now this looks more like something I would eat!
Roasted to perfection and coated with a sweet honey-like glaze. These chicken wings were dope!
Look out for the stall with 3 generations. Grandfather, father and a chubby kid who does the serving.

蠔煎 a.k.a fried oyster. Oysters in 蠔煎 generally are the same after they are stir fried.
So it comes down to the accompanying sauce.
And it was surely damn good.
Wanton Mee, or as the sign displays as 'Wan Than Mee', was Adora's choice.
Word is from her, it wasn't too bad. She has had better. But for the price of RM$3.50, it was worth it. 

'Zut Zut' for RM$10. Ikan Bakar for RM$18. As pictured respectively.
What's with the name 'Zut Zut'? Well, for those who do not know, that is the sound that you make when you try to suck the flesh out.
Ikan Bakar in Malay translates to 'grilled fish' in English. The fish was well-seasoned with whatever seasoning they used. Absolutely delicious!

This pork and chicken satay was probably the star of the show.
As you might know, pork satay is a rarity in Malaysia (due to obvious religious reasons), much less a freaking awesome pork satay. This satay stall has been running for more than 30 years by Mdm Ngiom Far Luan according to theguardian.com.
The satay tasted out-of-this-world and once again beats so many other satays I tried in Singapore.
 Okay then! That's a wrap for Day 1 of our Penang trip! Met so many friendly people and more importantly, ate so much good food!

Thanks for reading and watch out for Day 2! :D

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