Travel: Singapore to Penang

I must say now that Tim and I enjoy last minute getaways more than ANYTHING. Well sure we do enjoy a good planned out holiday, but sometimes you just ought to hit the plane and scoot off! :D Well yet again we had a steal deal from booking with Haven't I already exclaimed that their deals are truly the cheapest on the block? We took an hour flight down to Penang via Silkair. Travelling via Silkair was comfy, we had food on board. Something about airplane food that brings that fuzz in my stomach. Not a bad thing at all. (;

I must say I was truly impressed with Penang's international airport, well since it was my first trip over, I was expecting a slightly more run down airport? Slaps self. I am sorry for thinking that way. I love the mood once I got out of the plane, everyone from attendees, to travellers, to custom officers were all HAPPY! Good sign. :D 

We arrived really early in Penang (0920hr) and decided to have Penang's most raved, Assam Laksa right at the heart of Air Itam street. It's right across their morning market. Opens at 11am, and serves the best Assam Laksa, I'll drop a link to Tim's post! It is DELISH! But, because we arrived way too early we decided we'd walk up to the largest temple in Penang and seek some blessings for our trip over. The temple we visited is called Kok Lek Si, it has the largest goddess of mercy statue I have ever seen and she is beautiful. We paid about RM5 person to take the lift up to area where the huge goddess mercy statue was, and the view from up above was lovely, you could almost see the whole of Georgetown from there. The temple closes at 6pm though, so if you were expecting to get a night view, I would suggest Penang Hill which I have yet visited over my short trip here in Penang. 


After spending about an hour and a half up in the temple, it was almost close to 11am! And being a crazy noodle lover, we knew we had to be early to void the crazy crowd on a Friday morning. #beingsingporean When we arrived, tables were already filled and it was not even 11am! EMERGED. We ordered two bowls and they were by far the best I have tasted in Penang! My life is complete. 

Our stay in Penang was warmly hosted in Trader's Hotel at Georgetown, I must commend the staffs on their excellent service. I love that they do follow-up calls on the things we requested for :D Thank you again! After dropping our bags, we headed off to search for more gems in Penang. Tim is crazily excited doing up the food post for you guys and I can't wait for him to share them with you. 

Here's a little sneak peek! :D 

Can you feel my love for Penang already!? :D I love that this state in Malaysia is so artsy fartsy, hipsters in Singapore or anywhere in the world will totally fall in love with this place! The weather when we went over was soooooo lovely, it was warm but not crazily hot. Did rain a little when we were over but that was more or less about it. Most of our trip were on foot, we walked from street to street not knowing how we were gonna get around but did eventually manage to find our way back home. It really isn't that difficult to get around. (: 

Understanding the streets of Georgetown through Art. :D

 So there were a few places we had to visit and here are the list of those we did:
- 41 Love lane (41 Living story) 
-Camera Museum
-Cafe 55 
-Ivy's Kitchen (MUST VISIT)
- Gurney Drive Market and Gurney Plaza

*we didn't want to visit too many as we are going to visit Penang soon with my family, but the next trip we are definitely going to visit Peranakan Museum and Penang Hill in the evening*

I'll leave the pictures to feed you with the memories I had of Penang, and Tim will be sharing with you more on the locations via googlemaps. Till then, I hope you will love Penang as much as I did!

Hey Mr Moustache, will you be my sugar honey? HAHA. Oh my x-tarded best friend. :D



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    Happy Travels Everyone!


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