Current: TIME vs. REALITY

This year has been one heck of a roller coaster ride.

Photo by Adrian Seetho Photography

1) Getting out of debt
2) Marriage
3) Loads and loads of appointments with interior designers for our upcoming place
4) Adopted a kitty <3 div="">
5) Started an online magazine
6) Making plans for my food and travel channel for 2015

GUYS. Let's just say I really need to breathe. Stepping into adulthood is pretty daunting if you're not prepared, or have planned well for it. Sure, loads of planning with no or little action may lead to minimal results. & I guess I have learnt from that by attempting to start an online magazine without finding or understanding more about the industry. Hence the need to fully understand my ability to manage both my interest (food, travel, crafts etc.) versus REALITY. 

I'll share with you more on how Tim and I, both 24 juggle our lives as growing adults. Our setbacks, failures and lessons to learn from us so that you won't make the same. Thank you for your support, in giving me faith that I actually do have readers, in fact more than what I had imagined. So stick around with me, I'll give you my best!

I have recently been invited by HTholidays to be part of their community, DARE TO ADVENTURE. SO throw me some support!!


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