I'm Adora! (: Friends love to call me Dora, like the character from Dora the explorer. I write about my love for food, travel and new deals you can find in this busy city, Singapore. 

I am 23 this year, as of March 2013. I aspire to be a food blogger, and possibly a YouTube vlogger sometime next year once my new place is up! Phew. Food keeps me driven, I just can't explain the joy to you when you mix a couple of ingredients together and "viola!" it tastes like heaven. (: 

On a side note, besides being a foodie person. I really enjoy seeking new adventures in this tiny red dot, and mostly beyond this contained space. So expect loads of fun and travel insights when I do get to travel! 

Well I do hope you enjoy your time reading up my posts! Drop me some love on the comment section down below!

Adora Yeo

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